napowrimo poem 30: for her, in amsterdam

prompt: write a farewell poem.

for her, in amsterdam

what is more precious than these
salt stained kisses
frantic lovers’ bruises
the look in our liberated eyes
our scent, now muddled and everywhere

who else could comprehend
beloved comrade healer friend
i know the delight in you
let me touch you there
with the weight of time

is there something holier than this
presencing, this being in it
we need not interpret yesterday
we cannot structure tomorrow
and today is full of wonder

what is freer than this
mutual ritual release
to our own canals and galaxies
our stunning darknesses
to wander, yes, but with awe

what is more tender than this
to have known the sorrows of children
faced the terror of transition
and somehow tasted the ripe again
love in this way is a miracle

let all the light loose inside you
let the bell tone in your marrow
seek a quiet
that can handle your silence
feel the gods praying in your fingers’ tips

gather those brilliant fears into a small soft blackness
welcome all selfless pleasures to know your magnificent frame
construct a place for yourself which cannot be taken
sing out your multitude blessings
remember yourself

what is sweeter than this
to wish you everything good
to watch your love transform the pattern
to open every door to joy
by closing the one we cannot enter