come with me

2014 is almost over.

can you feel it? it’s almost over!

this wretched year is almost over!!!

y’all know i keep it positive, giving my attention with intention to the best of my abilities…and there have been beautiful things. totally.

miracle is my default, love and passion and travel and family and growth were abundant.

but the losses?…overall this year has been a pile of shit with threads of gold in it.

(i hear my radical ecologists arguing that shit is more valuable than gold and i see you, i mostly agree. just work with the metaphor ok?)

(and i will even concede that the shit and the gold will have impacts that are transformative and necessary and...wait this is not a parenthetical thought. so)…impacts that are surely worth the rummage through the dung heap of grief upon injustice upon heartache upon grief that has walked with me every month of 2014.

it’s not a woe is me moment…i know a wide range of people, all kinds of backgrounds, privileges, capacities, locations. and everyone just barely made it to the end of this year.

and now we are here and it’s time to cross over that line that we all agree is there, that line full of the promise that the sun will set on one year and rise on the next. i am so ready. i am praying and releasing and singing and dancing into the new year.

(i am not naive, i know it will continue to intensify, i know, i know. however this 2014, for my family…the distinct and particular pains, tribulations and patterns of absence and discontent? i am ready to step over.)

oh so ready.

if you are the type of person who makes resolutions each year, a set of promises to yourself, love notes full of health and good behavior and clearer nos and being the beyonce of your life, then i just want to say hell yes to all of it. do it like it was your greatest achievement!

resolutions are just self-love notes anyway.

if you are the type of person who can’t be bothered with resolutions? great, hell yes to you too. you are so cool, and you know that every day is a day to practice loving yourself and being your absolute best. you are just going to keep it moving. i dig that. awesome.

this is not a resolution necessarily, it’s just what i can clearly see as 2014 comes to an end: in 2015 i am going to create. we are needed, y’all! our whole selves are needed.

to that end, i am going to write, publish, produce collaborative things, heal myself and others, sing, facilitate, and create, create and create.

i am surrounded by priestesses, witches, healers, creatives – i am leaning into magic, with my words, my voice, my energy and my attention.

and i want you to come with me.

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in 2015 walidah imarisha and i will be touring octavia’s brood, which will be published by ak press in april.


so there is every likelihood that you and i will be face to face sometime this year if you want. i would like that. let me know if you might be willing to host part of our tour on your campus or…wherever you host things!

there are some other things brewing which are of utmost excitement to me, including deepening of my path as a somatics teacher and as a healer. i’m also going to be sharing emergent strategy work with more people.

thank you for the love, for the magnificent resistance and solidarity, for the brilliance of your survival, and for your own continued transformation. we are needed, we are precious.

let’s go!