just some resolutions for life

not just for 2015, but for all of life, i resolve to:

– never assume someone is pregnant

– keep the toilet paper stocked and the next roll in reach of someone seated on the toilet

– treat my body like a singular magnificent miraculous temple of mystery, resilience, ocean abundance and power, and fragile gold leaf secrets

– be more patient

– decompartmentalize, bringing all of me to every moment

– move at a pace that allows me to feel my life, feel the full range of joy and sorrow

– revel in the realm of good boundaries

– not bring up other people’s relationships (to ask about or speak on in any other way) to them or others…give people room to navigate and express their own truths, hearts and boundaries, or to practice their own privacy

– be most attentive to the people i love

– not settle!

– listen more deeply, with less need to insert myself into the narratives of others

– use my body in ways that neither machine nor corpse could mimic

– advance the line against white supremacy with my life’s work and my blood ties

– treat sugar as a drug…to enjoy the ways it sweetens life, and reduce the harm of addiction

– remember that breath is so sacred, and work to not waste it on gossip or complaint…to use it for tenderness, righteous anger, affirmation, pleasure and love

– relinquish false control, the perception of control over others…to embrace ‘worry about yo self’, ‘transform yourself to transform the world’…be about it, let others be about their own lives and lessons

– study magic and not be afraid to use it

– reduce belongings regularly

– embody freedom