Napowrimo 2015

it’s Napowrimo time!! i commit to writing a poem a day for a month. this year I’ll try to have a sci-fi touch to my poems, we’ll see what happens.

first prompt: write a poem of negation.

queen aya regrets

show you love?

i’ll show you everything i know
but these are not the memories you seek
not the softer smile that blurred
as the ship lifted away from time

i cannot show how you survived on laughter and the visible heats of your skins
i cannot show you the small world where you and —-, in the too near sun, became the Queens

tasting batrimatri and stogo and shelmiiz

nothing remains of that period
{you wrote of succulent 17 hour days and adulation that changed the air around you to murder}
except these rumors you reference, from your own historic poems, which you know must be exaggeration

no one loves like that

and anyway
the memories were erased
at your request
my queen