someday soon I will become irrelevant

someday soon i will become irrelevant
i will say something out of line
or outdated
you will learn of my contradictions
and cancel my existence

maybe someone will say
but she meant well
she worked hard
stop making assumptions
but it will be too late

everyone shrinks the world in a different way
some say there is no other
we are the same
the world of possible emotions
is the smallest one we share

others make it bearable with walls
us, smaller and smaller, on this side
them growing on the other
all this quiet interior
all that time to fill

in some ways i anticipate it
love is a wave that comes in
with the promise of leaving
i think i’m drowning
then i catch my breath

we need each other
but only as much as we can handle
all that other-way-of-being
you, you can let go of myth me
i breathe out, that was never me