bears ears, grand staircase, a bargaining spell

great life of the universe,
which only changes and changes,
help us learn to love you again
let us flood with gravity
so that our words cannot be ignored
for we must make sure everyone knows
it is not too late
but it is almost too late

help us stop tearing ourselves apart
with knives, laughter, and violation
stop all this rape and rape and rape
let us learn this mistake
we do not know how to do this at scale
at the velocity you are running
we are humbled
we have been so deeply humbled

I put my neck to the dust
blade to the beat
what I mean is we surrender
we have nothing but everything to lose
the mountains are shuddering in terror
can’t you feel them
tell me you can feel them
tell me you still feel us

universe we are not dead yet
we are caught in a web
spun like a veil
spun like a sticky white sugar
all we want is tomorrow
even if nothing real makes it
we think we think we think
it’s ridiculous

great life of the universe
I grovel alongside so many
who love you so dearly
we come begging miracles
with empty hands and bellies
we’re the worst, the very worst
and yet, a brief moment of our love
brings a purpose as great as you

make us brave
make us brave
make us brave

let us grow
let us grow
let us grow

– cast backwards at last night’s moon