quicky reviews for Feb 2019

i took a day off and binge watched everything on all the streaming services. then i took a long flight and watched more things. here are my very brief reviews (that’s a prediction but it’s late).

Amanda Seales comedy special I Be Knowin. when i really love a comedy special, it feels like i have fallen in love with the comic. so when i tell you i’m ready to propose? i could watch amanda be a jamaican/harlem/la cat caller or a runaway slave any day. everyone watch this immediately so we have a common language.

true detective. mahershala ali, the prayer and the god, can do ridiculously tender things with his face. scary, captivating start to season 3.

two dope queens: they make me laugh. phoebe’s physical humor sticks with me whenever i bend over.

grace and frankie, yes as good as everyone says, i adore all of them.

james blake assume form: perfect Blake. “can’t believe the way we flow” is my current theme song for any time spent with any other humans. if it’s not like that, why hang out? i also love every other song.

blindspotting. hard and brilliant film experience, gave me nostalgia for oakland, reminded me i have feelings for daveed diggs, and has a scene i want recreate with futurebae.

bill murray stories: inspired the spontaneous heart under my cool virgo exterior. murray is totally a weird delightful introvert who creates moments of people-time. worth the watch.

collette. thank God for feminism gee whiz.

heaven’s gate podcast. pretty interesting exploration of this cult that was popping when i was in high school and ended in mass suicide. i think in this age of personalities gone wild we all need to be cult scholars to stay safe.

fyre stuff. i watched both documentaries, i was surprised (blow job man really impacted me, shook my sense of dedication to work) and felt like i recognized that white boy miraculous mess energy and i am glad that this one time it didn’t work.

also, i got introduced to online boggle and am literally injuring my thumb so i have to wean off but i love word games. sigh.