mate soul moments

i am not sure this experience can happen in a city you call home, a mate soul moment. it happens in transit, in a place neither of you are from. a stranger catches your eye and the life you could have together thrums through you, a complete chord.

there is nothing lewd about it, it isn’t the hungry look of a stranger who wants to taste your skin. it isn’t the wide eyes of someone looking at something different for the first time. it is a look of recognition – we’ve never met?, but we have history. we have ease. you feel a smile on your face in spite of the pain that walking brings to each step of your aging body.

you feel the note strum and look away – can everyone hear, feel, see this ludicrous knowing in you? but it is in you, it rings through you. you look back and this strange familiar is watching you. no missed steps, you look, look again, in rhythm with each other, not pretending not to see.

you’re with others. so is your brief beloved. there’s no need for each other, so satisfying is the brief moment of total irrational connection. you want to remember: humans forget this. you feel the directive in your body: mate soul. so you do, however briefly, take respite in the absence of solitude, the way you are tethered to a beautiful home. your home, until this tether brand.

you pull off first, a last look, the gift of a small smile, yes. we would be great.