jiggy jetlag jaguar

jetlag is interesting to me in a similar way to being unintentionally high: if you just relax, the whole self wanders off of its usual pathways and there’s an incredible realm of unexpected synapses, emotional congruency and integration, and a multitude of possible pleasures.

there’s small awkward moments in jetlag communication, particularly mid afternoon or in the dark hours – when your mind wanders off midsentence…or when you dive into a text conversation feeling energized and then fall asleep mid-sentence. or worse, sign off too quickly and then don’t quite sleep and end up writing a blog entry.

(sorry – really did think i was at the brink of dreams)

there’s also massive spiritual opening and life observation available. for instance i can testify that:

– the dark moon is as vocal as her brighter more obvious self
– sometimes the thing we must forgive is too big to even contemplate, so we pick at the small and close by…
– being able to feel a rhythm is essential, even when you’re alone
– i’m going to record my books as audio books. i have been planning to. and people i want to have the books have asked. but tonight i realized a way to get closer to realizing the process…emergently and in a most pleasurable way. (when combined, my work is basically mary poppins ((holding down flying brits in the lineage of power Virgos))
– my body has decided shifting to a 3-11am sleep schedule is as far as i can go towards aligning with time here…roughly half the shift i need to enjoy daytime. i can see it on the clock and imagine sleeping six hours earlier, but i can’t go and get it.
– i just spent three days using a flushing toilet built into the floor. i can squat more than i thought.
– georgetown penang malaysia is delicious and stunning and i’m looking forward to my next trip. yes, stay in the tile museum. get all the handmade joss sticks and batiks. taste everything. go up penang hill and out on the clan jetties. everything. we’re all there.
– my friend larisa is reminding-me-of-how/teaching-me to walk again. it’s monumental.
– Aries season feels good this year.

j to the g. that’s all really. goodnight!