this past two weeks I was mostly offline getting some new tastes of myself, getting current, writing a new book. I went to a quiet hot spring to write for the first week and then got to teach on the school of embodied leadership team, the generative somatics intensive boot camp.

this all felt like a microdose of my coming sabbatical. I was offline, deeply in my body, exploring trust and healing and connection. I want to report out some of the sensations:

how when I lost signal, I put the phone away and didn’t think of it again – how it felt like I could breathe deeper, instantly.

moving up a belt in intimacy practices.

sore hands from writing in a bathtub, writing by hand, in the dark hours of early morning.

the first moments in writing a book when I really, really understand what I have in my mind and hands.

the surprise of turtle love.

paranoia/fame – standing in a room where I was half naked, in a private moment, being recognized (in sweet ways) and/but just wanting to be anonymous.

the heart expansion of seeing people I love whole, and becoming more of themselves.

meeting people in their most alive moment.

the delight of letting my resilience be seen in a vulnerable way in public. a rare mutual healing space moment when, as Rita Moreno said yesterday, “I love being seen.”

meeting Rita Moreno and not needing to take a photo, just getting to recognize in her another brick in the foundation of my power femme heart.

letting in appreciation without getting overwhelmed or anxious.

a public mutual lovefest with Marcus K. White.

the way Rose at Imperial Spa got inside my shoulder and pushed a demon out.

the way my heart is reaching ahead of me for home.

gratitude for memes. I missed them.