42, what feels true

1. we each have a purpose worth the miracle and struggle of our lives
2. finding that purpose is not guaranteed, it takes effort to look within
3. the conditions we are given are not our fault

4. we are responsible for what we do with the conditions we are given
5. we can’t control what other people do with their conditions, realizing that is a liberation
6. supremacy will either hold us down with false weight or lift us up on false wings – believe neither lie
7. true love is worth the risk – of vulnerability, of future heartache and grief, of happiness – every time
8. every minute and effort given to practicing and learning true love increases our overall life satisfaction
9. the heart can lead when the head is confused or frightened
10. letting in massive love makes me stronger
11. it takes scholarship to be satisfied, and it’s worth the practice and study
12. we can learn everything from nature
13. we are nature
14. our bodies know what we want and need, if we listen
15. our bodies deserve our own devotional attention
16. our bodies are worth the devotional attention of others


17. my body wants to be used in service of my own and others’ liberation, to sweat, to know pleasure, to be held
18. removing those who can’t see and protect our miraculous lives, bodies and time is wisdom in action

19. community works better as a support, spiritual cauldron, accountability space and strategy if we use the term community to mean specific people
20. my community is strong, brilliant, funny, petty without being cruel, intriguing, honest and brave. they flank me and help me learn
21. life is more effective and joyful when I approach a new year by scheduling togetherness time with family/love/friendships first, then regular well-being time (exercise, bodywork, therapy), then use what remains for my life’s work
22. writing is both my life’s work and my spiritual practice
23. what i write from heart and spirit resonates most deeply
24. my most successful writing comes through surrender and channeling
25. sex is a spiritual practice, a healing ground, and a favorite exercise
26. intimacy includes so many more acts, offers and touches than sex
27. true intimacy, being known, is nourishing
28. self intimacy precedes, lays and maintains the foundation for satisfying intimacy with others
29. breakfast in bed, footrubs and hair braiding are some of the sweetest intimacies
30. i have been blessed with black women therapists who help me see and love myself
31. i have been blessed with teachers I respect, who help me see and love my purpose
32. tarot allows me to hear the universe daily and channel it to others

33. astrology from the right teachers and practitioners is a delightful way to listen to the universe
34. auntie is my favorite role with children / I grow when I indulge and follow their brilliance
35. being a sibling, blood and chosen, is an excellent calling…I am so grateful for how many people are living alongside me
36. questions lead us to more interesting, honest places than answers
37. god is never separate from us – when I feel an absence of spirit it means I have abandoned myself, and it is time to intentionally return to myself

38. we can’t please everyone, and it will never be satisfying to try to
39. i can deeply please myself, and it is satisfying every day that i listen to and meet my purpose, needs, truth and longings
40. learning/remembering to feel returns us to the miraculous aspects of being alive
41. we are in an age of brilliant art and it makes the unimaginable manageable
42. life unveils so much wonder to a beginner’s mind