We Won!!! Stay Safe!!!

the video i transcribe below!

the transcript:

hi hi hi hi hi high hi

i just got the news that we have ousted trump. all of us have ousted trump. voters have ousted trump. organizers ousted trump. movement for Black lives ousted trump. all kinds of local efforts, both seen and unseen, ousted trump. stacey abrams ousted trump. Philly, Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee ousted trump.

we got rid of what does not love us. we took a massive step against genocide today. we gave ourselves a chance.

i woke up this morning and i knew today was going to be the day. today we win, today we take that step of victory. and there was something pounding in my head saying yes, but we’re not done yet, we are not done yet.

so here is what came thru:

when trump loses we will enter the most dangerous window we have been in in recent history.

many of you like myself may be tempted to take to the streets blasting ‘fuck donald trump,’ many of you may desire to run all up in people’s faces and confront those who will be taking to the streets with their discontent and their grief, rage, anger. it’s totally justified. we have every reason to go stand in the face of white supremacy and say ‘you did not win’, to stand in the face of toxic patriarchy and say ‘you did not win’. it’s justifiable.

there are many people who feel like a fundamental aspect of their worth, they supremacy, is being wrested from them in this moment. their feel challenged in their right to enslave others, to treat us as slaves – that means controlling the choices of our bodies, beating and killing us, giving us the bare minimum needed to survive and keep working, abusing us sexually, imprisoning us whenever they want, harming us whenever they want. and too many of us do not realize how big the we is, how many of us are in the target population. there’s a lot of women, black people and poor people who got caught up in trumpism because white supremacy is so seductive, supremacy is so seductive. i saw some meme that said ‘women for trump, black people for trump, chickens for mcnuggets.’ yes, you have been seduced into moving against your own interests and now the awakening is going to be violent and resistant.

so we have been in a race war, look at the casualties. we have been on the edge of a handmaids tale, look at the supreme court, look at the hysterectomies. we are still in a pandemic and the same people denying it overlap dangerously with those who will be hitting the streets looking for vengeance, for one more hit of power.

so i wanted to point towards resources – if you do feel that action is the move that you need to take, that challenging is the move that you need to take, absolutely look at choosedemocracy.us, look at the blackout collective (@blackdirectaction on ig), look at the ruckus society, look at indigenous peoples power project, look at @wejointhefrontline on ig – look for resources from those who are skilled at taking action. pay attention to those, listen to those.

do not move out into the world by yourself looking to be in those confrontational situations. do look to people like ejeris dixon and others who are speaking to how we stay safe, what safety looks like in this time.

protect yourself emotionally, protect yourself materially, protect yourself spiritually.

we have to survive two and a half months now of having a narcissist who has suffered a very public loss in the highest office with access to armed militia hooked on white supremacy, patriarchy, and racial capitalism.

this moment is an incredibly dangerous and we need to make decisions from the place of knowing that our bodies are extremely precious. our lives are precious and on the line right now.

even if you are going to the store, make sure someone knows where you are, if you can roll with other people.

if you are asking people to deliver anything to you right now, make it worth their while. double, quadruple those tips. make sure you understand that there’s almost nothing with moving yourself into the line of fire right now.

burn everything you can burn that protects you. say your prayers, ask our ancestors for help. at a very tangible level, go and read Meeting Chaos With Calm: How To Prepare For A Potential Coup because basically for this next two and half months that’s what’s up is people saying no. we will not go and basically not accepting this loss.

after two and half months, after January 20th, after we actually have Biden in office and Kamala Harris in office, and after we actually land in that place, then we begin a next phase of movement, of pushing, of what it looks like to hold these people accountable not just to what was politically possible in this moment, but to what we actually need to survive as a species long term.

that’s a phase that i’m very excited for us to get to.

that’s the transmission that came through.

i’m feeling the joy that comes from feeling a huge spiritual, emotional and legal block come up between me and someone who is trying to cause harm to me, and my whole system is feeling shaky, goosebump-y, and alive. i feel victory, i feel celebration, and i also feel some tempered longing for us to all be as safe as we can be right now.

yes. movement did that. yes people of color, Latinx people, Black people.

ah thank you. thank you. be safe. celebrate.