what’s up

hi my loves – it’s been a minute since i posted here and i wanted to give some quick updates.

one, i am redesigning this website! meaning, my friends at andalsotoo are making something so beautiful and full of simple magic, and i am saying “i love it!” all the time. i think you’ll love it. i paused a bit on updating but forgot to tell you why!

two, my collection of short fiction and poetry came out last week, Fables and Spells! i love this book, it’s full of some of the wondrous creatures and species of my imagination along with a whole bunch of conjuring work, and some of my doodles. please order it from AK directly at the link above or from a local bookstore! i will be releasing an album by the same name and theme, and this month, every monday, i am reading stories on instagram at 3pm est.

next year i will be doing a witch focused season of How to Survive the End of the World, so feel free to share your favorite witches with me when you see this.

three, i am building a musical ritual, a gospel of emergent strategy and embodiment, with Troy Anthony. over the next year it will be in iterative development, with the goal that communities will be able to use it as a healing and awakening event with their voices and bodies. through Dec 5 the choir community singing this project is gathering at The Shed in NYC on Monday evenings, and its incredible to feel what happens when people breathe together in this way.

four, book two of the Detroit trilogy, Maroons, is being released Jan 17, and i’m working on book three. so far it is the hardest to write, because i want to linger with the characters. i’ll get there.

and finally, last week i got to commune with a horse, feed gorgeous goats, meet a sleek puppy. and remembered how my love of earth is resounding, even as the humans vote against survival. these pockets of practice give me so much hope.