black boys

black boys

should be allowed

to lose their minds


to make everyone


carving out a place to stand


alive in spite of

what happened

to their mothers


black boys

stoic and shady

hungry or houseless


grieving the soft life

that pulsed inside them

when they were sons


black boys

should be allowed

to fall apart


to seek within themselves

the secret flame

they promised to hide


to move with grace

dancing, feeling our eyes

noticing their beauty


to know their breath

is enough, their lives

worth intervention


black boys

wild, worried, precious

lift them up


black boy

seeded first with inevitable



grow beyond

the confines of fear,

the closet slats


the terror

of being young, needing help

craving love


black boys

should be allowed

to fail, to flail, to not know


to crash through

one more night

one more ride


black boys

have earned the right

to lose their minds


and live