seven seeds for the new moon in taurus

beloveds i wanted to share seven seeds i am planting with this new moon in taurus, towards beauty and vision. for each seed, read
(to yourself or aloud) what the seed is, and then take a sip of water to help the seed root and grow.

  • i plant a seed of miracle. seed for the miraculous survival for the humans and animals who are trapped in kill boxes and killing fields in palestine, the sudan, the congo, the survival of pregnant people who have been stripped of choice, the survival or queer and trans siblings simply trying to exist, and to the millions in the prisons and cop cities of the west right now. all of those in this world in fear and danger, cover them, protect them, make them invisible to the sniper, give them pockets of air, let no flame touch them, let water purify on their tongues, let each bite fill their bellies even if it is a bite of air, let their bodies remember herbal remedies, let them breathe, let them live, i plant a seed of miracle.
  • i plant a seed of welcome. this seed is a message in a bottle to my ancestors, especially my ancestors who died unfair, immoral, unnatural deaths. please go and catch the newborn ancestors coming up from the western war on the world. catch those babies who surely don’t understand where their parents are, catch those children who understood enough to die scared, catch all the adults who tried to save themselves and their families and were unable. Please be there with gentle welcome, to hold them. i plant a seed of welcome.
  • i plant a seed of comprehension. in this time of confusion, misdirection, lies, propaganda and intentional manipulation, keep helping us understand what we must understand, keep our minds clear, help us know who to trust, who to forgive, who to believe. help us grasp that capitalist nations thrive on never ending world war, keep helping us in the belly of the beast to awaken. please help those who see our protests to understand that our cause is love, our cause is community, our cause is children, and our cause can include everyone who loves life and wants to protect it. i plant a seed of comprehension.
  • i plant a seed of balance, please make it impossible to cause harm without also feeling the impact. please erase that assumption of comfort from everyone, so that no one expects business as usual while our elected officials ignore us, so that as we escalate, when traffic is stopped and flights are delayed and shipping routes disrupted and politicians and cultural events interrupted, we celebrate and protect those brave enough to speak and act up against apartheid, genocide and oppression. please help those working for balance to be heard and understood, i plant a seed of balance
  • i plant the seed of power. as we grow the technology that allows to know about each other’s suffering in real time, we also grow the networks and relationships and power that allow us to intervene in real time. help us understand that in order to redistribute power from a small group of unaccountable people to the masses, to all of us, all of us who can have to be willing to hold our own power and wield it when needed. help each of us to access our power on behalf of ourselves and those in need of our intervention and action. help us get out of our own way to hold power together. i plant the seed of power
  • i plant a seed of acceptance. help me to remember and accept my own seed nature. within me is a blueprint for harmony, love, peace, justice, delight. let me and those like me bloom with your blessing, more compelling than the seeds of violence and domination and ignorant complicity. let me accept that this is my time in which to be brave and shape history. let me accept the limitations of my power and ask for help. let me accept the guilt of my nation and work to stay connected to global community and leadership as we heal and evolve. i plant a seed of acceptance.
  • finally, i plant a seed of love. palestine is love. Sudan is love, the Congo is love. learning the history and present of the cultures we share this earth with is an act of love, and we are grateful to know this, especially those of us who have been inundated with dehumanizing stories about each other for our whole lives. love means we protect each other from harm. if we have been made to feel like any people on earth are worth less love than we are, then let love shine a light on that gap in our hearts and help us to become whole again. i plant a seed of love.


i plant these seeds with the new moon in taurus, may they grow wild.