Drink Up


Age of Aquarius
this drink was crafted for one Invincible’s several 30th birthday dinners by that night’s hostess, Ora Wise

Persimmon preserves
Cinammon syrup (water, raw sugar, 4-5 cinammon sticks boil and simmer)
Fresh sage
Fresh Orange + lime juices

Cabaret Chocolat
this drank was innovated after Tamar-Kali’s amazing Cabaret Chocolat, when we couldn’t find a restaurant that served liquor to take in the cast for a post event celebration. We finally found a little Senegalese spot in Harlem, which was BYOB. Someone brought coconut rum, and we swirled it with this amazing ginger-orange-vanilla drink that sold there. now we want this drink all the time.

1 part coconut rum
3 parts Ginger-orange-vanilla drink
(to recreate at home: blend ginger in water, then boil. squeeze in fresh orange juice and 2 drops vanilla extract)

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