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Dear Adrienne Maree,

Depressed about George Bush, Iraq, the weakness of the progressive movement? CODEPINK has just the antidote for you. Our ground-breaking book, Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism,
will be hot off the presses and hitting book stores nationwide May 6th.
(Preorders by bookstores have already pushed us into a second

We are launching our 100 city book tour May 1st in Washington, D.C. on the two year anniversary of "Mission NOT Accomplished."
How could we forget Bush proudly strutting in his flight suit on the
aircraft carrier in front of the banner displaying the words MISSION
ACCOMPLISHED!? Two years later, a country is destroyed, tens of
thousands of American casualties and 100,000 Iraqi civilians deaths and
injuries, and well over $200 billion spent. We will kick off the day
with an outrageous "pink" action in front of the White House followed by a book signing with CODEPINK co-founders and Helen Thomas, Phyllis Bennis and other contributors to the book.

From DC we will tour the country and converge with local CODEPINKs to ensure that our words are as loud as our actions. Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK cofounders and coeditors of this book, want to visit as many cities as possible- so please click here to check the tour dates for May and contact book@codepinkalert.org if you would like to add your city to the tour!

In Stop the Next War Now,
you will find an amazing bouquet of voices? with a foreword by Alice
Walker, intro by Arundhati Roy and contributors including Eve
Ensler, Barbara Lee, Cynthia McKinney, Arianna Huffington, Barbara
Ehrenreich, Amy Goodman, Terry Tempest Williams, Shirin Ebadi, and many
. It shares expert insight on the issues and
powers-that-be that can lead us to war – including the media, our
elected politicians, global militarization, and the scarcity of
national resources. And it offers ideas, hope and inspiration for
building a powerful, effective peace movement.

Join us and Stop the Next War Now 

  • *come to a book release event and support your local book seller (see schedule here)
  • *have Jodie or Medea come to your city (contact book@codepinkalert.org)
  • *participate in a direct action in one of the book tour cities (contact Tiffany@codepinkalert.org to organize)
  • *host your own Stop the Next War Now book party or book club discussion (please send all bulk book order requests to store@codepinkalert.org – discounts may apply)
  • *review the book for on-line retailers, and writing about it on blogs, chatrooms and your favorite websites
  • *pre-order the book today!
  • review the book online at any online bookstore
  • tell your online community about the book (websites, list-serves, blogs, etc.)
  • donate the book to your local library, talk to your local school about getting a copy

Let’s continue to dream and scheme about what we can do to stop the spiral of violence and stop the next war now!

In Peace,

Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Rae, Tiffany and Willow 

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this morning one of my friend-goddesses called so we could have breakfast and go sit in the sun and i was moping about how hard it is to make ends meet these days, and she said stop calling yourself broke and poor. you aren’t – stop thinking that. and so i pondered it, it was somewhat true, i thought.  in the next hour i got an offer to start a paid column! woo hooo!! the power of the mind my friends. so this one might in fact be short-lived – we’ll see 🙂

Found Poem #1: the pale skinned virgin priest

found poetry is my new thing. its when you overhear something or see something written somewhere that converges interestingly with something you are doing or have just done. convergence poetry, found poetry…here it is:

the story: i left a harm reduction class and was walking down the street and a store was blaring a speech and the person said – will you learn of discipline from the pale skinned virgin priest?’. this poem came next:

i went to the pale skinned virgin priest
but he could tell me nothing of love, lust or devotion
he'd never felt the overwhelming pull of those oceans
nor succumbed to that aching crux of want turned need
never tasted the knife so sweet you suck till you bleed
the hunger that reminds you we are half dream half beast

i went to the wide eyed work whored saint
but she couldn't recall her days spent in the dark
how razor sharp big love is the mouth of a shark
how the sweet honeyed finger makes sure it amazed you
how love that close to madness allows for no phase two
and finally you choose not what a thing is, but what it ain't

to which my friend janine suggested a new last line:

in the end you choose not the song but the echo, now faint

which i truly like.

its stunningly gorgeous outside and i am going to read work isht out there!

Questions from convo with my sister

Some of these are my questions, some are Autumn’s:

What is your core melancholy?
Are collectives more crucial during the birthing process of movements and/or communities?
How much of love is dependence, how much is exhaustion, how much is a trap, how much is it the only point or the central struggle of life?
Do you ever really fight with another person, or just with the idea that they could hurt you, or change your mind?
Why aren’t there clear post college communities where you can select your reality as specifically as you do in college but not have to be in college? Or simultaneous ones for those who don’t want to go to college – everyone should be able to choose to explore communities other than their starting one…
Or – can you reject the institution of academia, AND reject the institution of organized religion and still be deeply analytical and deeply spiritual without trying to create new institutions…?
and – how much of human nature is fundamentally imperialist? are chapter-based organizations imperialist at heart?
Will I ever be able to budget or pay taxes on time with the way I hate money?
Aren’t we more privileged than roughly anyone else we know because our parents are so remarkably unconditionally in love with each other and with us and in every struggle we’ve faced in life we’ve been able to come back to their example?
Is it better to study specific fields or, for the sake of expansive art, to remain an artist engaging in a variety of fields and subjects…but is art important anymore?
How dope is our grandfather’s faith (note: my grandfather had a heart attack this week and needed triple by-pass surgery for it. he awoke in the morning, having had it – and he should have woken up dead as they say – but god  told him to take an aspirin so he did and that thinned his blood enough to get him to the hospital where he was saved for another day of loving jesus. the entire time he was unflappable – any outcome will be a good one) and how cool is jesus, even if the interpretation of his story is so misapplied? god is always manifest among the people – he whispered to my papa on thursday am, i am grateful.

And then here are some things I said at the grassroots media conference today (a very cool conference which is still happening tomorrow at 65 5th avenue in manhattan):
– i used to clown bush for saying he didn’t read the newspaper but what folks filter to him, but recently i’ve realized that most folks i know do the same thing, including myself, use filters to get information most suited to them and what they want to hear.  now we can be responsible filters – that’s what voter guides are, that’s what grm has to do.
– grassroots media needs to beware well-meaning activists who become famous: check the credentials, check that folks/we are still doing the work, not just talking about, unless they are official…
– progressive pundits! which is my new favorite thing the league will be teaching. the art of being able to represent your work and movement and issues and view point and hold your own in an interview in any medium! it has to look and sound good, we have to be media savvy now, we know how!
– let’s build more funding for grassroots media into our non-profit plan so we can get journalists paid. what are the legal implications of this?

i was on the panel with lumumba from malcolm x grassroots movement, who had a wonderful and organic response when asked what kept us motivated – the people in the community, the mothers who’ve lost their sons to police shootings, the people. i later attended his and djibril’s training on their know your rights campaign and their work is amazing and folks should really pick it up in more communities. www.mxgm.org.

and lastly, yesterday i was at a climate crisis meeting and it was dope – top enviro-organizers from all over the country discussion the plan to change the perception of the movement, get back to enviro-justice…it was dope. more to come.


saturday night blog complete

Climate Crisis and Stalker Lists

today i'm off to engage in one of my new 
sub-careers - environmentalism. since the
grist article (http://www.grist.org/comments/soapbox/2005/03/15/brown/)
came out i have had countless offers to be a part
of discussions on environmental justice and
climate crisis and i am honored and learning a lot.
this meeting is a coalition focused on how short a
time we have before we're in a state of total
crisis - for me i hear that as, what's
our estimated timeline for the switch from the
type of struggle we're facing now which is a
struggle of people and power, before we're faced
with the next common unifying struggle
for survival against the effects of our own
excessive and stupid existence as it
relates to natural resources. :) cheerful
friday thoughts.

but some good news - bush's approval ratings are
the lowest of any post WWII president!
the american public is polling against his
social security plans, are indignant about
his tall tales of WMDs in iraq and generally
feel untrusting of him. ah. the american people.
always a little late on the uptake. but then
again, national politics are for suckers,
local is where its at (www.indyvoter.org).

in other news, my friend marc in the bay
is a stalker and he sent me this:
nndb.com is a huge stalking engine connecting
all the "famous" people in the western world
(for now) by cross referencing all of their
crimes, sleeping partners, affiliations,
relatives, interests, etc- a person's otherwise
inexplicable behavior is often understood by examining
the crowd that person has been hanging out with.
brought to you by the folks at rotten.com
(originally the backend for deadpool.rotten.com)

some interesting lists:

new democrat movement list:

dubya nicknames:

dubya ranch hands:

involuntarily struck by pies:

movie keyword: unneceessary remake

nixon's enemies list:

sgt pepper lonely heart:

coolest headshots:

people with funny names:

risk factor: heroin

risk factor: homophobia

failure to pay child support:

attended "Promises" rehab facility:

caught fire:

me? an oasis? you’re too kind

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Though much of
Iceland is covered with snow, glaciers, and lava plateaus, the town of
Hveragerdi is graced with greenhouses where geothermal energy is
harnessed to grow bananas. You remind me of this oasis, Virgo. Though
you’re surrounded by what might be described as a barren wasteland, you
yourself are a warm, nurturing source of fertility. No matter how
inhospitable it might get outside of your circle in the next two weeks,
you should just keep growing.

i’m on the radio right now!


April 5, 2005

WPFW 89.3FM Tuesdays 11p-12am


This week The Blackademics welcome Adrienne Maree Brown for a
discussion of hip-hop organizing and electoral politics.  Adrienne
Maree Brown is a writer and singer living in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is
coeditor of the League of Pissed Off Voters' How to Get Stupid White
Men Out of Office: The Anti-Politics, Un-Boring Guide to Power and
program director for the League of Young Voters.  All that plus DJ
2-Tone Jones in the mix.  Listen to The Blackademics every Tuesday
night as part of WPFW 89.3FM (Washington, DC) and Decipher: The Music,
The Movement, The Message each weeknight 11p-12am.  Hip-hop and more
like you've never heard before.

Show: http://voxunion.com/realaudio/coupradio/Blackademics040505.mp3

Email: blackademics893@hotmail.com

Grassroots Media Conference

oooh who got the blessings? me! i got to see tony kushner live on sunday at BAM talking about angels in america, and then they did a marathon showing of angels. tony is adorable and brilliant and humble and one of the best specimens of human we have.  AND holly hunter was there, sitting in my row, emanating her holly hunterness, all tiny. i contained my adoration by sipping a snuck-in bottle of cote du rhone or something that sounds like that. everyone rent angels for some truth.

I’m speaking at this conference on Saturday:


April 9-10th, at the New School University
2nd Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference
Register on-line!

The Democracy Now! workshop: Sunday, April 10th, 10am-11:30am
Members of the DN! Production and Outreach teams will present a
workshop about the nuts and bolts of how Democracy Now! is produced and
what role it plays in the larger movement for independent media.

The NYC Grassroots Media Conference is
the place to be if you’re a community organization seeking to reach a
larger audience with your message, a media maker looking to gain skills
and network or someone interested in learning more about NYC media
reform activism. It’s time to come together again to critique, build
and celebrate our local independent media.

Registration is now open. Visit www.nycgrassrootsmedia.org or Bluestockings Bookstore at 172 Allen Street in Manhattan to reserve your place and read more about the weekend of events.

The conference theme, forging stronger connections between independent
media and communities organizing around issues of justice and equality,
seeks to address pressing issues of representation and diversity within
the NYC community.

The conference will hold more than 50 hands on workshops and panels
including youth led workshops, do-it-yourself media workshops and media
policy workshops: hip hop and activism, grassroots press campaigns for
social justice, how to build your own web site, video production for
youth and more. A complete list of workshops and scheduling is posted
on our web site at www.nycgrassrootsmedia.org.

$20 Adults
$30 Day of conference registration
$8 Youth (21 and under)
Scholarships are available.
Group rates and discounts for youth are available.

Please contact info@nycgrassrootsmedia.org or call
Paper Tiger at (212) 420-9045.

See you at the conference!

War By Candlelight, Big Hearts, and AIDS Walk

Y’all – back in college I had the honor of editing a magazine called Roots and Culture with a brilliant young Peruvian writer named Daniel Alarcon. I thought he was as brilliant as could be. And his book of short stories is now out on Harper Collins and its beautiful and you need to get you some!!

go to amazon.com and search daniel alarcon. the book is called War By Candelight: Stories

in other news life is looking up. its spring and i went to sit in the park and my friend taught me to do a sun meditation and i heard desmond tutu and toni morrison speak the other day on the unlimited heart, compassion and reconciliation. i was thinking that there are things that are unforgiveable, but to see two people who have lived so long and seen so much, especially bishop tutu – to know what he’s seen and who he’s forgiven…he came and said thank you to the u.s. for their efforts in the anti-apartheid movement! to this shameful nation. but his grace is so unparalleled and visible. i was inspired to look at my relatively tiny dramas and let my heart become bigger. i feel humble and benevolent, its delightful.

and finally y’all need to sponsor me for the aids walk!!

go to: http://www.aidswalk.net/newyork/  and search adrienne brown or league of pissed off voters to donate.


Health Care Alternative

Watch this:


Read this:

The Problem:
Almost 44 million people in the U.S. are
totally uninsured, and another 40 million are uninsured during some
part of every year. Another 80 million are only partially covered.
Worst of all, most people who don’t have healthcare insurance have full
time jobs.

The Solution:
Secure a system of comprehensive national healthcare for everybody in the United States. If we join together, we can get the national healthcare system we need now. We can provide coverage for healthcare, prescription drugs, mental health, dental, optical and long-term care. We can afford it NOW. We can’t afford not to have it. All of this has been written into House Resolution 676, the United States National Health Insurance Act, now before Congress.