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2021 Availability Message

For 2021, adrienne maree brown is focusing on three things:

1. Writing!
adrienne is now the writer-in-residence at the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute (ESII) and is aiming for a year of finishing and releasing multiple books and projects, so she will not be available for facilitation requests, but encourages you to book members of the facilitation cohort at ESII.

2. Podcasts! adrienne is the cohost of How to Survive the End of the World, with Autumn Brown, produced by Zack Rosen; Octavia’s Parables with Toshi Reagon, produced by Kat Aaron with support from Kinsey Clark; and the the brand new Emergent Strategy Podcast from ESII, co-hosted with Sage Crump and Mia Herndon, produced by Natalie Peart!

3. Decentralizing her movement work into partnerships, collectives, collaborations and networks. If you are seeking emergent strategy facilitators, speakers, etc, please get more information and book here.

If you want to book adrienne for paid speaking or other engagements, contact the Speaker’s Bureau here.

If you want to book adrienne for interviews or other unpaid engagements, please fill out this form.


Brief and Preferred Bio

adrienne maree brown grows healing ideas in public through her multi-genre writing, her music and her podcasts. Informed by 25 years of movement facilitation, somatics, Octavia E Butler scholarship and her work as a doula, adrienne has nurtured Emergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, Radical Imagination and Transformative Justice as ideas and practices for transformation. She is the author/editor of seven published texts and the founder of the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, where she is now the writer-in-residence.

Please use current photos of adrienne with appropriate credit.

Extended Bio (not to be read aloud as an intro pretty please)

adrienne maree brown is a writer. She is currently the writer-in-residence at the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute.

adrienne is the author of Holding Change: The Way of Emergent Strategy Facilitation and Mediation, We Will Not Cancel Us and Other Dreams of Transformative Justice, the NY Times Bestseller Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, the radical self/planet help book Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds published by AK Press in 2017. She is also the co-editor of the anthology Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements with Walidah Imarisha, published by AK Press in 2015.

Her upcoming books include Holding Change: The Way of Emergent Strategy Facilitation and Mediation (AK Press, April 2021), Grievers (co-launching the Black Dawn Imprint of AK Press, Fall 2021), and Fables and Spells: Collected and New Short Stories and Poems (AK Press, Winter 2021).

She has helped to cultivate work and thinking about Octavia Butler and Emergent Strategy, gathering a loose knit global network of people interested in reading Octavia’s work from a political and strategic framework. This is currently practiced through Octavia’s Parables, a podcast in which adrienne and Toshi Reagon read Octavia Butler’s work chapter by chapter. adrienne is also working with a large team to produce a tarot deck honoring Octavia’s wisdom.

In terms of writing, adrienne blogs regularly on this site, wrote the Pleasure Dome column at Bitch magazine, and is a contributing editor for YES! magazine. Most of her writing these days is for book projects – and a lot of it is fiction!

adrienne was award the Auburn Institute’s Spiritual Resilience Fellowship in its inaugural year.

She attended the Clarion Sci Fi Writers Workshop and the Hedgebrook Writers Residency in 2015, and Voices of Our Nation in 2014 as part of the inaugural Speculative Fiction Workshop. She was a 2013 Kresge Literary Arts Fellow and a 2013 and 2015 Knights Arts Challenge winner, writing and generating science fiction in and about Detroit. She was the Ursula Le Guin Feminist Sci Fi Fellow, and a Sundance/Time Warner 2016 Artist Grant Recipient.

adrienne studied with generative somatics Teacher Training for a decade to deepen her healing, doula and facilitation work. She is part of the Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity team, at the intersection of political education, community organizing, somatics and black love.

adrienne was the facilitator of the founding year of the Detroit Narrative Agency (DNA), supporting Detroiters to shift the narratives of the city towards justice and liberation. She has facilitated the internal healing and visionary development of organizations throughout the movement (most recently BYP100, Movement for Black Lives, the Rising Majority and Black Lives Matter. She has also worked with Building Equity and Alignment for Impact Initiative, Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, Chorus Foundation, Correctional Association of NY, Young Women United, Positive Women’s Network, Black Mesa Water Coalition, INCITE!, the Young Women’s Empowerment Project in Chicago, New Orleans Parents Organizing Network, and Detroit Summer).

adrienne was a co-facilitator for the Detroit Food Justice Task Force, facilitator for Detroit Future, and the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, as well as part of the faculty for the Center for Whole Communities. She partnered with Engage to facilitate a year-long Community of Practice on Networks and Decentralizing Leadership, 2011-2012.

adrienne was the executive director of The Ruckus Society from 2006-2010, and sat on their board through 2012. She was also a National Co-Coordinator for the 2010 US Social Forum. Though she no longer does board work, adrienne is proud to have spent time on social justice organization boards including The Ruckus Society, Allied Media Projects, Third Wave Foundation, and Common Fire, as well as many others.

adrienne began her work life at the Harm Reduction Coalition, and was a co-founder of the League of Pissed Off/Young Voters (and co-editor of How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office), a graduate of the Somatics and Social Justice Cohort, Somatics and Trauma year-long, Rockwood’s Art of Leadership year-long training, and Robert Gass’s Art of Change year-long training, adrienne is obsessed with learning and developing models for action, community strength, movement building and transformation.

51 thoughts on “Bio and Booking”

  1. Greetings,

    I’m with The New England Grassroots Environment Fund (, working to support grassroots community groups in their environmental and social justice work.

    We are currently planning for our fall Fall RootSkills Training ( for Nov in New Bedford, MA. We are hoping to invite you to speak as our keynote.

    I’m hoping to provide some preliminary details here, and set up a time to talk more in depth about our mission and intent, depending on availability and interest.

    – RootSkills Training – Nov 15/16 (date not nailed down yet), New Bedford, MA
    – Compensation: $3,000 speaking stipend; travel paid for
    – Our planning committee (20+ grassroots organizers, grantees, community members & staff) final decisions on candidates (and all programming aspects)

    I appreciate you consideration and look forward to connecting!


  2. Hello Adrienne –
    I have just been given a new position within the Charter for Compassion, heading up their Global Read Program. I just spent some time on your website after seeing that you have a new book coming out (Pleasure Activism) that seems to be a wonderful fit for our program. I am currently working on putting together a slate of authors/books for our upcoming series of Global Reads. I pre-ordered your book as well as ordering ‘Emergent Strategy’.
    The Charter for Compassion is both a document and an organization. We are in 54 countries and have a huge audience. It would be wonderful to promote your work. Of course, I’d like to read your books once they arrive. If you’re interested, please contact me. In the meantime, here are a few links to provide you with more information about the Charter, our Global Read Program, and how to become a Partner of the Charter:
    Here’s my phone number (920) 378-3999 – I’m in Appleton, WI
    I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of your work.
    By the way – I read your MJ article – I was a big fan – gave me goosies!

  3. Hi!

    My name is Tara Aquino (@t_akino / and I’m a writer for ILY Mag ( I’m a huge believer in your work and would be honored to have the opportunity to interview you for ILY. Pleasure Activism, your incorporation of tarot in your work, and everything you stand for has been so fascinating and eye-opening for me that I’d love to share your work with our readers.

    Not sure where you are, but I’m based in Los Angeles and would love to speak in person. If not, a quick phone interview would be incredible as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    All the best,


  4. Hi adrienne, I’m reading Emergent Strategy and wow! Are you available July 16-19, 2020 for a gathering of Sisters of Earth on Earth Democracy, food web, diversity-interiority-community, New Cosmology, and emerging themes? We would love to talk about how to integrate your work, for example the Detroit Food Justice Task Force, with our walk-about the local food web and environmental (in) justice scene. We absolutely LOVE how you learn from nature every step of the way. PS we are mostly white elders who follow Thomas Berry’s work and intend to increase our age and racial and ethnic diversity mix, doing our homework. We are working on a new website specific to this 2020 event. Hope to hear back from you soon. Keep those words and all that love flowing, you are amazing!

  5. 5 Elements Ceremony happening 10/20-10/28 Cairo, Egypt inside the inner chamber of the Temple of Giza – It is in alignment to share the information with you.

    If it is within your capacity or desire, please reach out and I will provide the details.

    Your wisdom and gifts are acknowledged and appreciated. ???

  6. Hi Adrienne

    My name is Maanee- I’m a holistic psychotherapist focusing on the shadow as well as a dance therapist & sexuality educator. I am the co-founder of AMANEcurated a platform hosting retreats with leaders in the fields of human development & consciousness & the founder of Embodied offering retreats & trainings for women in feminine embodiment.

    Myself and Blaire Lindsay l are creating a 2-day online summit on The shadow side of the feminine.

    We are inspired to offer a holistic perspective of the shadow by interviewing a variety of men and women specialising in their fields of expertise. –

    The concept of the shadow in this summit is the suppressed, rejected & denied parts of oneself related to the feminine.

    This is BOTH light and darker shades of the unconscious. For instance : the suppression of our full potential & light as well as the suppression/ rejection of the ‘darker” qualities.

    We would like to unpack and explore this by inquiring into the shadow within the body, nutrition, fitness, somatics, psychology, sexuality, spirituality, emotions, non duality, beauty & the fashion industry, gender, social, cultural & religious programming & conditioning and much more.

    We LOVE your work and what you offer and would like to invite you to attend as a speaker on the summit and share you’re wisdom to our audience.

    It would require 1 hour of your time to do a 30-45 minute online interview with either me or Blaire.

    You would also be able to promote any offerings you currently have and create exposure to a wide range of women all over the world.

    Our request would be to promote the summit at least twice- Once in the next month and before the summit begins in early Feb 2020.

    Sharing in 1 post & story on your social media platforms & in 1 news letter with the landing page we will provide for sign ups to the summit.

    If you’re interested in being apart of this please let me know and we can speak further about details and book a time for the interview. We could do it between now and January in person if you’re in Bali at anytime in those months or online

  7. Hi Adrienne! My name is Josie (pronouns, they/them/theirs) and I am currently reading your works, both Pleasure Activism and Emergent Strategies. I am currently a student at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, and I would like to express my gratitude for your writings and ideas. Your writing has spawned so much hope in my heart, and has opened my eyes to ideas I may not have ever entertained if it were not for you. Because I value these books, and all of the brilliant ideas they encompass, I would like to present you with a single critique. In each of these books you are always so open to new ideas, which is why I am even bothering to help you acknowledge this idea in the first place. In your book, Pleasure Activism, there is a section highlighting Favianna Rodriguez’s art, which portrays the idea of “Pussy Power”. All that I wanted to say was, be mindful of the idea of pussy power. For our trans brothers and sisters, this idea perpetuates harmful restrictions of what being a woman means. Not all women have pussies, and not all people with pussies look at it as an essential component of their gender.

    I hope that I didn’t cross any boundaries here, and by no means am I attempting to step on anyone’s toes. I also realize that the book is already published, and distributed, so there’s no going back at this point. Maybe you will disagree even, which is okay! Maybe you already know all of this too, so I apologize if these are words you have already heard.

    Thank you for all that you do. I look up to you and value your teachings. I hope all is well, and that life has been kind to you as of recent.

    Peace and love,

  8. AMB,

    This is a bit of a love letter to you because it seems that this is the best place to leave you gratitude.

    I was first introduced to your work through attending the Allied Media Conference. From there Emergent Strategy became a big part of our community and work at the Kheprw Institute in Indianapolis. I then became hooked on you and your sister’s podcast, and it has played a big role in helping me stay more deeply connected with friends that live all over the world. It provides such rich material, and it’s helped generate some beautiful discussions over the past few years.

    I recently immigrated to New Zealand. The move was necessary but that didn’t make it any less difficult to leave our deeply beloved community in Indianapolis. Though they speak English here, EVERYTHING in NZ feels foreign. One notable thing is that none of the libraries or book stores in Wellington carry anything written by Octavia Butler. I’m still in shock by this and cannot figure out why the library keeps denying my requests. It’s like a foundation is missing. Books are very expensive here and Amazon Prime isn’t a thing, so it’ll be a while until we can finish reading her entire catalogue.

    Fortunately, I was invited into a group message titled ” The World’s Babliest Babing Babathon with Extra Babes.” They had already started a book club before I joined and they chose to read Pleasure Activism! This means that folks had to special order your book, pay a heap of international shipping fees, and wait 4-6 weeks to read it. I was floored that somehow, with extremely limited access to the books/authors/teachers work of which I was familiar, this group of babes found and were reading your work! It felt like a sort of homecoming, knowing the truth I had grown up with in Indianapolis is the same truth that exists here on a tiny island at the edge of the world. Fortunately, my partner had already ordered me your book as a very early Christmas present. The book discussion is happening in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to dissecting the truth in Pleasure Activism with my new found babes.

    You mentioned on Twitter earlier this week that happiness doesn’t come easy to you, which is what prompted me to write this letter. I hope that in the more difficult times, you can remember that there is a group of babes in the South Pacific that adore you and are putting your work into practice. I also hope you remember how much joy and liberation you bring to this Hoosier girl that now associates your work with a sense of home and community all over the world.

    All of the Gratitude and LOVE

    PS If you are ever planning a visit to NZ, please let this babe know!

  9. Hi Adrienne,

    I met a spoken word poet and educator named Roya Marsh last year while organizing the Bronx Book Festival. She performed some of her poetry on one of our stages and I realized immediately that she was an immense talent who was deeply invested in speaking directly to her community. I’m lucky enough to be publishing her debut collection, entitled dayliGht, next April.

    I’d love to get you a copy of the book. I think you’d appreciate many of the themes in this collection. Would you let me know if you might be interested in a copy?


    Daniel Vazquez
    Assistant Editor
    MCD | Farrar, Straus and Giroux
    120 Broadway, 24th Floor  | New York, NY 10271
    (646) 922-1209

  10. Hey Adrienne,
    I’ve been diving into the world of pleasure through your book, and this morning I could not seem to shake some of the thoughts that bubbled up after reading about Toni Cade Bambara and the guidance of the five black women in Alexis Pauline Gumbs’ essay. So, I wrote about it on my blog, part of my own 30-day writing challenge that I’m creating for myself to get the juices flowing in my fingers and thoughts. I wanted to share the link here with you in case you want to see how the web you weave of ideas, your own and others, inspiration, and radical honesty can hook the mind of another who then weaves her own web… and so it goes, and so we all become spiders, and so we spin our tales and bring others in. As a teacher, I know we have to share of ourselves if we hope for connection with others. I want to thank you for doing what you do, for speaking bravely and honestly, and for guiding the way for all of us, white women and women of color, cisgender and transwomen, queer folk and other loving souls of LGBTQIA communities to take steps forward, onward, horizon-full. I’m sending you lots of joy, love, pleasure, and blessings.
    Blog Link:

  11. Greetings sister adrienne!

    I hope that this message finds you well. I am the outgoing Community Engagement Manager at DC Greens. I just want to let you know that my colleague, Dominique Hazzard (Anacostia Community Museum—Smithsonian Institute) and I are presenting at the Rooting DC regional conference tomorrow. We took the liberty of quoting and structuring our exhibit, Building Resilient Black Food Systems, around your brilliant, stunning book Emergent Strategy.

    Thanks for your work and inspiration.


  12. Dear Ms Maree Brown,

    I first came across you on a video about bio-mimicry that I shared with the class I am teaching at Queens College (City University of New York) called Becoming Insect in which we combine research involving socially engaged art with studio practice all the while pivoting on insects (and other invertebrates) as models for woven sculpture, architecture, sculpture, swarming behavior, robotics, social interaction and so forth. Anyway, we are all very impressed by you and your activities. If you want to see the syllabus it is here:

    And past student projects are here :

    And the broader initiative we call Social Practice Queens is here:

    Maybe when the immediate crisis passes we can invite you to our school. In any case, thank you for your exemplary work. Be safe, be well.

    Dr Gregory Sholette (Greg)

  13. Michelle McKinley and I are working on a podcast episode on the theme of “Sustaining a Black Feminist Care Ethic” for the Center for the Study of Women and Society (CSWS) at the University of Oregon. This episode is tentatively scheduled for “publication” by the end of this Summer (2020). Given your past participation in our collective and respective black feminist programming through CSWS, and/or as eager readers of your work, we wanted to invite you to contribute to this episode. We envision a one hour interview conversation (format TBD) with you structured by pre-circulated questions; we would use roughly 10 minutes of your interview content, which we would then combine with other Black feminist interviews to form one coherent episode.

    CSWS is offering a modest honorarium of $250.00 for this engagement, and you would of course have access to the episode before it goes live.

    Could you please advise us of your interest in this engagement and availability for a one hour interview conversation at your earliest convenience? We acknowledge that responding to emails and engaging in academic labor is a lot to ask of Black women right now, so if we do not hear from you by noon on Friday, June 19th, we will respectfully assume your inability to participate.

    Thank you so much for considering this– we’re happy to field any questions!

    Sending our very best,
    Michelle & Shoniqua

  14. Hi Adrienne,

    I hope this is the right spot for this! I didn’t see an agent or other contact in your writing section, so fingers crossed. I saw something on your instagram a few weeks back about an Octavia Butler Tarot Card Set. This is a fascinating and brilliant idea and I’d love to talk to you about this. I’m an editor at Princeton Architectural Press ( and I run our imprint called Paper+Goods. We work with artists on stationery + paper projects. I’m wondering what your plans are for this set and if there might be some synergy between what we do (publishing) and this project.

    Your words and thoughts and writing these past few months have been such a generous gift to the world. I see you have a membership program and I’m signing up TODAY! (that’s my personal, non-editor self speaking ; )

  15. Hi Adrienne,

    I love your podcast- in these dark times it has been a source of hope and inspiration! I am a physician at U Mich and currently live in Ypsi. I would really like to become more involved in local transformative revolutionary work happening in the Detroit Metro Area- are there any organizations you can recommend that I can connect with. My passions lie with women and children’s health, reproductive justice, environmental justice and independent food production.

  16. Hi adrienne,

    I’m the Interviews Editor for CutBank Literary Magazine. We’re a national literary magazine that publishes eclectic and heartfelt poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. We love elevating BIPOC & LGBTQIA voices, especially those whose work resists categorization.

    If interested, I’d love to interview you via email about all things sci-fi and pleasure activism.
    It’d be great to learn more about your short story collection as well if comfortable with sharing.

    On a personal note, pleasure activism has helped me embrace the complexities of my being and those around me. Thank you so much for writing your heart out! I look forward to reading more of your work.


  17. Hi adrienne,

    I’m writing a letter of gratitude because in the brief time between hearing you on the podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and this moment, I have become so invigorated to make changes in my thinking and therefore my life. I felt about 10 gut punches from you in the first 5 minutes of the podcast (the good kind!) and loved how you cited the brilliant women who have impacted and taught you – that’s empowerment! I’ve been chasing so many beautiful white rabbits because of your purposeful openness.

    I teach elementary school in an upper-middle class suburb and have fallen into a rut – feeling like these kids are privileged enough to be fine no matter what I teach them, frustrated that the public education system in the US is so messed up, exasperated that parents are pissed at us right now because they need us to be babysitters, you name it. But you have called on me to really sit and think about what it would mean to feel satisfied in this work and to find pleasure in it as a professional educator with 2 degrees and over 10 years experience. This has led me to make an actionable plan for attempting to create change in my district so I can feel more pleasure and celebration in my work. As Grace Lee Boggs said, we need to embrace the idea that we are the leaders we are looking for.

    I thank you for setting me on this path.

  18. adrienne maree brown. With gratefulness for, I just discovered your poem: what is unveiled? the founding wound. I post a poem, every day, to a group of friends on Facebook. This month I focus on Black History Month, but I often share black poets, as they are a part of my life and work. I am a white, long-retired teacher, English/Language Arts/Speech. I still teach through the internet, and when not prevented by a pandemic, facilitate a truly wonderful poetry group each month – part of a genuine Humanities program – at our senior citizens center in St. Cloud, Minnesota. All this to ask if I might share your poem among a limited group on Facebook and when we meet together, seniors all, in the future. Regardless, thank you for the powerful poem. I would share it, with appropriate attribution and no small part of astonishment at your energy and contributions, in parts, and in whole at the end. Your verses, in small groups, are more than enough for a days contemplation. My friends will eat it all.

  19. Good afternoon royalty!

    My name is Naomi Jones. I am a senior creative writing major with a minor in peace and social justice; and a directed study in the Power of the Poem, at Emerson College. I wanted to reach out to you and invite you to my hybrid poetry performance for my directed study final (“Stardust”) on May 1st, 2021! I would love if you would be there and attend.

    The rsvp is just an email back to me saying that you’d like to join us. If that is the case for you, please do let me know by April 30th! It would be such an honor to have you as a part of the personally selected guests in this listening circle. The stories I have to share are in the form of poems all about “stardust- the original Black body.” I hope you decide to attend.

    I also have a post card to send you with the details for the invitation. If you you haven’t already, send me your mailing address and I can send the postcard to you. Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to read this message. ?

    Best regards,
    Naomi Jones

  20. Adrienne has challenged me, enlightened me and reminded me that transformation happens in our natural world every day and we can borrow from it strategies to transform ourselves, our organizations, and our society. Denise Perry, Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD)

  21. Peace & Blessings!
    i was on a Zoom conference call this morning and your name came up in the conversation. The person I spoke with was suggesting I reach out to you because she felt our nexus was a potentiality.
    So, I am sharing my work with you ( on human transformation potential. And, should something resonant with what you view then I’m sure we will communicate with each other some day soon.


  22. Hello!

    Hoping to be directed to a proper space/email/contact form for folk interested in pitching a change agent to share thoughts/experiences/expertise on your podcast.

    Specifically around creating a culture of rest and resilience in corporate spaces as queer Black woman.

    Thank you,

  23. Greetings, amb,
    I am trying to find Emergent Strategies in Spanish. Any idea who might be selling those if this is a thing that exists?
    With much love and solidarity,

  24. adrienne,

    I wanted to reach out and send you a note of appreciation/a love note for your work and, specifically for Emergent Strategy. I came to this book rather serendipitously while wondering through a local bookstore. I just happened to pick it up and my eyes teared up when I read the back. I was so immediately enthralled that I walked through the rest of the store with the book clutched to my chest. Before the end of the introduction, I was teary-eyed again and so excited.

    I am PhD student at the University of Utah in an education department focused on social justice in education and my own project is focused on antiracist pedagogy for white staff and faculty in a postsecondary education context. I wrote (and passed!) my comprehensive papers last fall and one of those papers was on the use of imagination in antiracist praxis, specifically using Octavia Butler’s work to prompt imagination and commitment to antiracist action. I wrote that paper before I found your work and Emergent Strategy feels like the much, much better version of what I think I was gesturing at with that paper; it feels like the instruction manual for what I have been interested in doing – academically, professionally, and personally. (I know it isn’t an actual instruction manual, but it is very inspiring, and I know I will come back to it again and again.) Thank you.

    I am very excited to read and engage with your other work (I just listened to the first few episodes of Octavia’s Parables and I am loving the deep and personal engagement chapter by chapter with the book!) and I would love if we could start a correspondence. It is clear that I have a lot to learn from you. (If I am being fully honest, I would really like you to be on my dissertation committee, but that feels like a big ask in a comment on your booking page.) I am not sure what I could bring to your life or contribute to your work, but I generally try to find a way to make myself useful and would be very open to how you envision me giving back to you in this exchange. It seems like my project aligns with or is maybe just adjacent to the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute’s top priorities. Perhaps I could be useful in some way that the institute needs?

    Either way, I want to thank you for your work and your being. I am inspired. I am invigorated. And I am grateful.

  25. Dear Spellmaker adrienne maree brown,
    I’m writing to request permission to anthologize “Spell for Letting Go” in my forthcoming book, Thinking Feelingly: Somatic Approaches to Poetry. I’m a lit professor/poetry scholar/somatics teacher from Philly. My work, which I call “Moving Poetics,” seeks to move the perception of poetry out of the academic domain and into the realm of embodied practice. I situate this project as part of the Embodied Social Justice movement, to which your thinking is central. I’m in the midst of the thorny permissions process for the book, which selects fabulous poetry for each week of the year, based on the movement of nature or a moment on the calendar, abides with the poem for a page or two to explore its themes and writerly strategies, and then offers an exercise for an embodied experience of its language. I would be honored to include “Spell for Grief or Letting Go,” and I’m hoping this might reach you and you will say yes!
    Thanks for considering, and please know I am sending you so much gratitude for your spellbinding, transformative work and your sparkling mind.
    All love, Katy

  26. Hi Adrienne-

    I just listened to your interview on On Being and am moved to reach out. I am a huge fan of your work and feel a bit like a fellow traveler and kindred spirit. I work in the field of leadership development and my academic focus has been on exploring social change through the lens of living systems and complexity. That work is the focus of a TEDx talk I gave a couple years ago entitled “Social Justice Leadership in Living Systems”, and of book I published in 2017 entitled “Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action” (see links to both on my website). Both explore what it means to apply the principles of living systems to the work of social transformation. I am moved to drop a line just to put this work on your radar, as it is so aligned with your work in the world. Thanks for all you do, and I hope our paths may cross in the years ahead! With gratitude, Max

  27. andrienneee!!! what would it take dor you to be my mentor as you were for grace lee boggs. id love with my whole heart and soul to learn from uuu!!!!!!

    thank u and much love.

    jenny tam

  28. hello Arienne – my favorit wise woman.
    I point you in the direction of Colombia right now!!! A massive change is going on there. Just amazing. Tomorrow is the change og guard. After centuries og ultra right wing. sexist, racist homophobic and classicist leadership, it’s CHANGING. check it out!
    The heart of change right now.

  29. Please look at What I see as the heart of change: Colombia now!
    Adrienne ?? notice today : Theres a total change of power! The new President Petro is inaugurated today. He’s a leftwing intellectuel ex guerilla. The vicepresident is the amaaaaazing woman FRANCIA MARQUEZ, Black woman, aktivist environmental Pricewinner. She is astounding. The newly appointed representative in UN in New York is a woman Leonor Zalabata. An arhuaco woman also amazing. The new congress member Andres cancimance, gay shoe up the first day at office in a suit and high heals! To make a statement because Colombia is nr 2 country who discriminated homosexuality the most. In the world.
    Etc etc.
    Colombia has been under ultra right wing leadership since The conquistadors, extremely sexist, racist, classicist and extremely violent. Corrupt and lying always.

    So this is immense !!! For all of us.

    And as I love all that you do and listen to you often I wanted to point your attention to what I think is THE HEART OF CHANGE right now.

  30. Greetings adrienne,

    I’m happy and grateful to share that we have published your “Murmurations” poem on I work as the content curator and simply wanted to let you know, and say thank you!

    The poem touched me profoundly (especially “we are seed and spore”) and I felt sure that our readers would feel the same.

    Here is the link:

    If you have any resources or articles you’d like us to add or replace in the “Going Further” section, I’d love to hear them.

    Thanks so much for all that you do. You are a continued inspiration.

    warm wishes,
    ~ April Doner
    (Content Curator, / Steward & Trainer, ABCD Institute)

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