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Hi loves – i am so grateful for all the ways people are engaging with my work in the world, and the intriguing requests that come my way. For 2023, I am working on three books, the How to Survive the End of the World Witch Season, my slow-release Fables and Spells album, and my musical ritual, in addition to publishing others in numerous ways. I prayed and cast spells for each of these projects and I want to live into the dream of it all, so my time for any other work is limited. Please don’t take this personally! If your request is for mentoring, picking my brain, a blurb, or trying to generate a new project with me, the answer is most likely no. If you’re looking for me to speak with your group, please honor my honorarium rates and my boundaries as I am a working artist. My boundaries are that I am very rarely traveling for work because of the climate impact, the pandemic, the impact it has on my health, as well as how much time it takes away from my writing. But I will do virtual events that have everything I can offer, and do them with joy. Otherwise, let me create as much as I can in this lifetime! With love, amb

If you want to send adrienne a question, a thought, a spell, a dream, context, feedback, or other magical contact, feel free to send an email through this page. If you are trying to book adrienne, please follow the booking link below the form.