i heart vancouver

everyone let’s go to vancouver! its explosively beautiful – mountains oceans beaches cafes rain rainbows sunsets its just gorgeous and dope and amazing and chill and there’s endless ganja and everyt’ing is irie and socialized healthcare. sigh. i love canada! go check www.getyourvoteon.ca to see my hosts, who are doing dope prep work for their may 17th provincial election. big up olive and rubin, kevin, matt good, cass, sarahs g and d, and others who welcomed me with open arms.

me in vancouver



Get Your Vote On Hub
  and Volunteer Rally


9:30am – 5:00pm

  @ the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

580 W. Hastings St

. – Hastings and Seymour in Downtown







7pm – 9pm

Matthew Good and Adrienne Maree-Brown
  in a discussion on democracy, engagement and activism




Cultural Centre
  50 E. Pender St – Downtown




Workshops include


  • Outreach
           basics (how to get people to do what you want them to in five easy


  • Media
           training (what to say, how to answer only the questions you want to and
  • Electoral
           Reform (First Past the Post, BC Single Transferable Vote let’s figure it
           out together.)
  • Election
           nuts ‘n’ bolts (all the gory details you need to know)
  • Other
           ideas you send to us that we can get together before March 19th 






  Maree Brown, co-founder of the ‘League of Young Voters’ in the U.S.
  and co-editor of “How to get Stupid White Men out of Office” will join
  us to talk about recent youth voter trends and lessons learned from the U.S.



Great reflection piece

Hello friends and associates from around the world,

I just watched this short online film and was struck by how much can be communicated in a short.

I encourage you to give it a look.

This wont change your life but it will provide a moment of reflection.



10 seconds is a long time, 10 years is a decade.
2004-2015 – The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

To learn more and participate see…