report from hippy heaven

oh canada

a deer walked me home last night. i sang to it. i was walking home from my third naked hot-tubbing session of the day, which is how many i’ve done every day for a week…and with a bit of bc bud in hand. there are mountains everywhere and trees that have been here 400, 500 years – ferns taller than me. my room opens up to the mountains and ocean, where there are phosphorescents you swim through and its like swimming in light. um – massages and yoga and meditation and singing every day. yeah. um. i don’t remember the causes of my stress? life is much better when the earth you’re on is healthy, its magical. snapshot – adrienne GONE HIPPY and she likes it :)

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  1. 1 Tchaiko

    this is the first time i’m reading the blog a….how simply beautiful….my soul begs me to leave new york…a spirit guide/woman/seer told me to find the water…and wow a deer….how simply magical.
    anyway my deer i have no idea what you are doing up in canada…did i read too fast? my cat is nipping at my toes and the computer.
    love your drawing on this blog thingy…can’t wait to hear you sing, read your stories…see more of your art….heartbreak is sooo painful…but thats where i’ve learned the most about myself and made the hugest movements forward in my spirit journey here on this earth..
    loveeee u

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