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adrienne maree brown grows healing ideas in public through her multi-genre writing, her music and her podcasts. Informed by 25 years of movement facilitation, somatics, Octavia E Butler scholarship and her work as a doula, adrienne has nurtured Emergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, Radical Imagination and Transformative Justice as ideas and practices for transformation. She is the author/editor of several published texts, cogenerator of a tarot deck and a developing musical ritual. adrienne’s forthcoming book Loving Corrections will be released on August 20 by AK Press.

latest book

New York Times-bestselling author adrienne maree brown knows we need each other more than ever, and offers a practice for holding collective power, righting wrongs, and generating true belonging. "Loving Corrections" is now available for pre-order.
Published by AK Press

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A podcast that delves into the practices we need as a community, to move through endings and to come out whole on the other side.

co-hosted with toshi reasgon

Octavia’s Parables is a podcast where hosts Toshi Reagon and adrienne maree brown read the works of Octavia Butler one chapter at a time.

Co-hosted by Sage Crump, Mia Herndon and adrienne maree brown

The Emergent Strategy Podcast is a collaborative project of the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, cohosted by Sage Crump, Mia Herndon and adrienne maree brown.

emergent strategy ideation institute

Founded in the wake of adrienne publishing the sacred movement text Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute is a collective of facilitators, mediators, trainers and curious human beings interested in how we get in right relationship with change.

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friends and teachers

I have been blessed in this life to find people who expand my mind and heart while also loving me and letting me love them. I wanted to uplift some of these friends and teachers here so you can learn more about these people I quote, uplift and collaborate with most frequently.

Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown is a brilliant facilitator whose work is steeped in consensus, Black feminism, apocalypse and survival, healing justice, revolutionary mothering, radical love and liberation. She is also one of my two sisters, both of whom teach me everything.

Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon is a radically free musician and scholar of Octavia E. Butler. For the last decade, she has been forging the parables path, bringing Octavia E. Butler’s The Parable of the Sower: The Opera to collaborative venues around the world and spreading the word: “God is change.”

Prentis Hemphill

Prentis Hemphill is the breathtaking thinker who cofounded The Embodiment Institute in 2021 after years as a gifted movement mediator, healer and therapist. Prentis is the host of Finding Our Way and a dear friend who is teaching me the deep work of boundaries.