whole up

just finished day 5 of a 7-day retreat focused on wholeness – whole people and whole communities. my mind is flowing like this:

I believe in the transformative and healing power of even one taste of being seen as a whole person.

I believe we complete each other.

I believe learning to listen is the clearest path towards love – listening to myself, to earth, to the silence, to each person I meet, to what I don’t want to hear, to that which is hard to share, to what is emerging, to the many-truths we call history.

I believe in crying. I mean, I believe in weeping with my whole body.

I believe that community is always the answer.

I believe in the humility of smaller and smaller scale, deeper and deeper changes – inch wide, mile deep.

from the mountaintop everything was grand, far away, beyond my lifetime, and small.

I have been down into the valleys and the gutters, the lightless ocean, even to the arteries, all the time listening as a form of prayer. the closer I got, I noticed heartbeats are a thunder.

i saw that life is a miracle because of what happens in the smallest darkest instances. one cell splits to carry the load of life, one breath, one awakening.

I know nearly nothing, except let go, surrender, see what is, lean in, be direct, be honest, and love, starting within.

see the little flame of life, and grow it with your deepest breath.

Octavia said, in Earthseed, she said: ‘pray working’. I can’t shake this feeling these days, that it’s all holy.