things u should know

– i say updated daily, but by daily i mean whatever days i feel like it so please stop asking me that
– yes that is me giggling on my voice mail, same person
– when i say lyrics of the week or something, please OVERstand that there are no regular features in this blog and don’t come to expect that
– yesterday i was getting on a train and this tall black dude in a suit was getting off and he was like damn and staring at my left hip like it was carved by michaelangelo and he got off and just stood there dumbfounded until the train pulled away. i smiled, half ashamed for him, half merciful, but mostly glad someone appreciated the outfit which included parachute pants and refound boots! today i went into ihop for a meeting and THE SAME DUDE came up in normal clothes looking tall and told me where and when he’d seen me and gave me the number. it was precious. will i call him? no – anyone who’s been following the lyric posts knows adrienne is in a complicated affair of the heart already. still – keith, wherever you at, you made my day. in general there needs to be more genuine moments of being dumbfounded by the existence of others.
– today i was im’ing two people at the same time – one was lamenting her woeful lack of direction; and the other was going on about how much she ADORES and ADMIRES the lamenter. i matchmade, confidence ensued.
– i am shooting the pilot for a youth debate tv show. tv is bizarre. i hope this will provide a space for nuanced progressive conversation – i hope it ever gets seen.

that’s all for today. do this:

> Schwarzenegger urging him to close the youth prisons of the California 
> Youth Authority (CYA).
> http://BooksNotBars.org/petition