i love having lawyers in my midst! jenny commented on the law tip – altho i still feel a bit confused, but less so – thanks jenny.

am i un peu tipsy?

why, si si si…i had dinner with an old friend tonight and – this is a friend that everyone since back in the day has been crushed out on. and i never really got it, i always remembered him all skinny and stuff from our early days. i always go to him for info on the mysterious world of serial monogamy where he happily resides, and i think he asks with some darkside curiousity about the life of a love-wanderer. so tonight in the midst of our usual conversation on fidelity and flexibility and lust and responsibility, i had a moment of absolute clarity on his appeal. i finally saw it, what the others have always seen. he has his very own perfection. i was really happy to get to see it, and to know deeply that he is a consistently thoughtful and faithful man, in spite of – or enhancing – the fact that he has grown into a gorgeous man. you go baby. but i won’t tell, never that.

then ran into one of the pieces of my heart, darling isaac, so so good to see him. i love ny, michael rappaport walked by but isaac made me squeal and beam!

then my new sweetheart called for no good reason, always the best best reason, AFTER two emails already 🙂 we are having a literary liaison. dear lord give me more words.

my summer is going so great that several friends have told me to play the lottery.

this morning i woke from a dream in which i had moved across the hall and was decorating. my landlady called and said, i think i can’t renew your lease, and i said how about i move across the hall? and she said oh that’s fine! am i a prophet or procrastinating the day she really kicks me. the crazy thing is, i love the crazy lady. she always says, you are a good tenant and a good person – i just want to renovate the room. cross your fingers!

now, i am going to share a list of things i recommend you do before the end of this summer:

– start a blog, even if its just for yourself
– cut your hair, or color it, or tidy your brows, or shave something new, or do something to shift the balance of hair to skin – its hot outside!
– go on dates, even blind ones, be matchmade, be fearless in your game cause YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR DUSTY NETHERLANDS!! and flirt wildly with everyone you ever wanted
– consider loving without boundaries or expectations, just totally, with no questions or ownership and with a million questions and with unquestioning forgiveness and insatiable crazy all encompassing passion. just consider it. it could be cool. 
– moisterize and powder and oil and carry a cloth to pat your face off and balm your lips and generally treat your body like you are on a tropical island. look BETTER.
– go outside before 9am – not to go to work, just to walk around before the sun starts to exert its heavy heat on the day. summer in ny is the reason i never can say goodbye…
– go to the russian baths and sunbathe nude cause there’s no excuse to have tanlines in the modern world!
– steal something small you really want and can’t afford from a place that can afford to donate it to you but would never think to offer
– radiate
– look around you. in this moment, we are vibrantly pressing against the edges and SO alive. look around you and take it ALL in.