back in minnesota

just had the all night journey – delayed flight at 1 am, then we all got on the ATA flight (cause we supportin the NWA strike holla what!), but it were a broke plane, so we moved to another, then had to transfer in chicago and boom i’m in minnesota now. i am so very tired at this point that i was dead asleep each time i stopped moving and kind strangers would wake me for each move. i was high from my time at spin academy with sushma from miami singing little mermaid songs and running around with the cool kids having fun and games. i learned to roast a marshmallow and make a strategic media plan.

now i’m at matties house looking at pictures of her time and brazil and totally understanding that she’s going back for real and maybe for good. we’re heading up to sandstone mn for a wellstone training of trainers, and on monday i’ll get another minute with my sister and her fiance and family before heading to albuquerque.

my ex-boyfriend from germany called me while i was in the cell hole and just called again this morning – its been like 10 years now that we’ve kept in touch, which means outside of my family he is my longest contact. he lives, djs, produces and writes about music in nurnberg – if you ever going through germany get at him for some deep conversations.

i have had the blessed opportunity to do some laundry here! yay! and am rocking this fresh wu-tang sweatshirt that i picked up from the hottest girl in san francisco to brave the cold. wash my face and teeth and i’m almost ready to be in another new place.

i found out my email account was hella full and stuff was bouncing back so if you wrote and ain’t here from me write again. i miss people, i need every little bit of love i can read when i’m this deep into the road experience!

had the thought yesterday that i am almost 27. what is 27, halfway to 30, can’t really front as being so impressively young anymore 🙂 – i’m noticing changes in my style and my energy, little things. little lines, all from smiles i think but and still, the aging is not quiet. the learning doesn’t pass without marking us, eh?