10 questions…

1. do the fugees have a new song?


2. did shane get drunk and pass out in the hallway of (and by hallway i mean door between hallway and living room) — cumberland the other night?


3. did my grandmother send me a little housecoat just like hers for my birthday present which i am now rockin non-stop and LOVING??


4. Did my sister April send me both fun and practical presents??

My_necklace  Dsc00611

5. and did my sister autumn give me a gorgeous plant which i’ve named robespierre:


6. what is my dad’s favorite way to spend time?


7. am i soooooo proud to work at the league these days??

The_billboard"The billboard created by Working Assets and the League of Independent Voters — and inspired and funded by the DailyKos community
— landed on Grover Norquist’s doorstep at 1920 L St. this morning just
in time for his infamous weekly "Wednesday meeting" of the conservative

8. how hot is missy elliott’s latest album?

i know i’m a bit late but i always gots to wait for my girl celeste to get albums before i can have albums knaw mean? key tracks: teary-eyed, lose control, and this song called can’t stop…some hotty sexy songs…mmmmmmmissy!!

9. should you join me in d.c. this weekend?

first of if you ain’t know there’s a BIG march this weekend against the war, so if you’re in DC tomorrow das what’s up…

and then on sunday from 4-5:30pm i’ll be at the washington convention center for the DC green festival (an explosion of green friendly business and lifestyle concepts and displays and products) doing a book signing for ‘stop the next war now’, a book i contributed to put out by code pink. see http://greenfestivals.com/

and then i’ll run over to the washington monument for the special service put together by my boy the reverend sekou which starts at 6:30pm. i’m first on the program so if you comin come on time! here’s the program:

Music, Adrienne
Maree Brown;
Invocation, Rabbi
Arthur Waskow, Director, The Shalom Center;
Music, Freda
Prayer of Remembrance, Cindy
Sheehan and Celeste Zappala, Co-Founders Gold
Star Families for Peace;
Prayer of Resistance, Rev.
Dr. Rita Brock, Co-Director, Faith Voices for the
Common Good;
Occasion, Rev.
Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, National Coordinator Clergy and Laity
Concerned about Iraq; 
Poem of Peace, Drew
Dellinger, Poet,

Poets for Global Justice;
 Traditions of Peace:
– Rev.
Michael Banks, Bishop, Mennonite Council of New
– Rev.
Dr. Joan Brown-Campbell, Director of Religious Life, Chautauqua Community
– El Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid,

Mosque of Islamic
– Mairead
Maguire, 1976 Nobel Peace Laureate
– Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, Tikkun Magazine 
– Ve.
Suhita Dharma, Chua
Dieu Phap Temple
in San Gabriel, California 
Future of Peace
– Rev.
Claudia De la Cruz, Community Organizer, Dominican Women’s Development
– Rev. Lennox Yearwood, President, Hip Hop Caucus
– Rev. Emilee Whitehurst,
Executive Director, Austin Area
Inter-religious Association
– Rev. Grayland
Hagler, President, Ministers
 for Racial and
Economic Justice
Sermon on Remembrance and Resistance
– Dr. Cornel West, Honorary
Co-Chair, Clergy and Laity
Concerned about Iraq
Prayer of Blessings
–  Shamsi Ali, Deputy
Imam, Islamic Cultural Center of New York
Buddhist Peace Fellowship

10. is this blog a bit all over?

naw tricks, its just over 🙂