celebrate, celebrate, sweat to the music

wow – the 100th blog celebration was bananas!! thanks to all who signed up on the registry, the matching checkers/battleship set is 2sweet2bdnied! also thanks to all the sarcastic people who hated on my search for koran cliff notes. you just put the fire of allah a little deeper in my heart.

my landlady is getting out of hand. my girl malia was over and had to run to the church of atm and i gave her the keys to run her errand, and when she went out my landlady yelled at her for not locking all the right doors.

i keep waiting for our mr. miagi moment. NO! not cause she is older and asian, but because in general i think all living situations are potential mr. miagi moments. i am constantly waiting for someone with a commanding voice to ask for my rent check, get me in shape, teach me to kick ass and catch flies – and also someone who i can ask where the pool is. but unfortunately i think my landlady may just be a crazy old bitch with no techniques to impart.

prior to my fit of whispered repressed landlord lashings, today was the day of pampering and softening. i woke and worked until malia arrived. today was beauty day: we made the raw egg, olive oil and mayonnaise mix and put it on our hair for an hour, did mud masks, baths and let big russian men beat us with hot soaked oak leaves.

i think the day is also well captured by a ‘what u ate’ moment: i ate sunflower seeds and turkey jerky all day, and had my current favorite soup – broccoli (two cs or two ls – damnit!) and cheddar. yummy! i am having the best time with oreo cookies these days! after some scarring days in my youth around being a mixed kid and the existence of oreos, i took a loooong hiatus from these black and white bits of perfection, but now i have come to a healthy place of loving myself, with all the mystery of what might yet show up in my blood, blessings to the ambiguous spirit of many-cultured baybays. one. so anyway i can love oreo cookies! hmm – jerky, seeds and oreos. maybe i am on a camping trip in my parallel life?

these are just the latest of my food phases. i go through phases with foods where i jones like a pregnant woman – which is perhaps why i often resemble one in profile. i often stay in a phase until i have indulged to the point of disgust and can’t eat whatever it is ever again, past fads have included: rice pudding, pineapple cottage cheese, fish sticks, pizza (several times), french onion soup, bratwurst, cinammon toast crunch. and um…the lettuce and tomato salad from black iris on dekalb with no tomato.

i cut my hair again and i think i did her wrong. as is the usual practice when this occurs, i am kind of itching to get back at it with the scissors. if there’s an elvis in heaven i’ll still have some hair tomorrow!

i got news of an upcoming visit today which sent a chill up my spine 🙂

i’m sorry i can’t even continue with this post, i am so upset about the f-ing supreme court. i can’t lie about it. a non-judge is the next nominee?????? like no fronts, no veils? come on, make it slightly more subtle when you are leaning back in the cut to spend the next period of history stripping me of my rights and leaving $10 on the table in club-democrisy.