let’s be real.

the first 24 hours of having your first electric toothbrush, all you can think or say is buzzzzzzz. ooh – i had some sunflower seeds – buzzzz! ooh – i woke up – buzzzzzz! hmm, water has gank in it sometimes!! buzzzzz! that drilled, buffed, smooth feeling. that bloody clean gum taste. that realization that for 27 years of manic wrist gyrations you’ve only been shifting plaque about on your teeth…this is the reality of tooth cleanliness and i am LOVING it.

i walk the streets like extra, extra – adrienne has a new electric toothbrush!! inspired by a dear friend who said it has a two minute timer which really gives some discipline to the whole endeavor. plus, it buzzes! hee hee…

i humbly submit…lessons of the electric toothbrush:

1. put the toothbrush with toothpaste on it in your mouth before turning it on or you splatter fresh paste far and wee.

2. careful with the gums – it’s spinnin, n—– it’s spinnin! (ref: chris rock, never scared)

3. it will make you want to not eat or do anything to mess up the sheen. i’m on a personal starve-watch now that i am using the e-brush.

i went to the office today. YES. ME. In The Office. other office mates looked up in shock, so i whisked their leader out to lunch. yes, i had a 3 hour meeting with billy and we’re both feelin pretty good about life, love and pursuit of the league. also helped spending a day with malia lazu, who is one of those people who its fun to check in with on the tip of sanity…like – am i crazy or is you crazy? who is crazy? someone is crazy? but it ain’t us right? right!

had big plans to go out last night which were sweated out of me, but tonight, tonight i am really going to see ilana at the palestinian hip-hop show and you should too!!

note: my girl rhonda has a blog called la ciudad chocolat which for name alone deserves your loving eyes.

birthday redux: i am off for my birthday dinner (i told y’all i have the neverending birthday) with my boy kevin polowy. kevin has been my main kpow since 2001, when i discovered this heart of gold who looks like an american pie in blond. he’s a film reviewer for moviefone and premiere and goes to lots of screenings and tonight we’re going to see domino! YAY!

i also got the last of the birthday presents i bought with my amazon gift card from the parents today – richard pryor live on sunset strip and live in concert, plus a memory stick for my camera. that means even more exciting footage of my friends in awkward positions!

finally: sending a big thank you to august wilson: now that your life is complete, i have to send up my gratefulness. what a treat.