bioneers! eating!

ok ok ok so i’m in marin county with a phat ride care of the nice people at hertz. i’m up here for what i like to think of as a genius conference. on a regular basis people talk about what’s not being done so great to the earth and with people on it, and this is a conference of 3,000 people who are innovating successful ways to live on this planet without destroying it. everything is biodegradable and organic and it’s a wonderful kind of place to be. there’s 17 satellite conferences happening around the country so if one is happening near you, check it! www.bioneers.org

i drove up here with my twin star naina khanna. naina is a yoga queen, one of the most beautiful soulful creatures i know, it was my honor to work with her last year and to see her now as she’s learning the ins and outs of nutrition in berkeley. she makes me want to be more limber and more centered. great person to run into coming off a fast. she has no problem saying ‘asparagus is yummy fiber!’ and making it sound scientifically rock solid.

she picked me up from daniel alarcon’s old apartment near lake merritt. when i got there just a few hours earlier, daniel had asked – hey, would you mind if we ran some things over to my new house and maybe…arranged a little?


if y’all don’t know, i grew up moving every two years of my life, and i love moving people in and i especially love arranging and then rearranging spaces. i lvoe my current apartment and rearrange all 11 by 15 of it daily. so we went over to his new fruitvale loft which is a really cool space and gott the feng all shui-ing. to celebrate, we salsa’d in the newly arranged living room. i am not good at following, but he got me spinning and twirling and laughing.

i had meetings with ben w and van j at ella baker center yesterday, talking media and www.colorofchange.org, and rachel at ruckus, one of the great analytical minds we have. but more endearing than all of that was the indian couple i shared the row with on the jetblue flight out here. they didn’t speak english and he was missing a hand, and through a fairly intricate sign language complete with facial expressions, i spent 6 hours:
1. being intimately crawled over for bathroom breaks because they moved quicker than i could unbuckle
2. blushing as the man watch the videos on my screen since he couldn’t get his to work. its amazing how much videos these days without the sound just look like black people doing soft porn or white people in horro movies. go ahead, test my theory!
3. feeding the guy the jetblue food package. coming off my fast it was too soon for cheese, crackers and oreos. i made him cheese and crackers, and then dipped to the bathroom and when i came back he was trying hard to get cheese on the oreo. through a combination of head shaking and napkin wiping and smiling with the de-frommaged cookie, i was able to convince him to enjoy the oreo in its natural habitat
4. listen as the stewardess would offer me a drink or food, and then upping the volume by a factor of roughly 15, offer my rowmates the same thing. finally i told her that as far as i could tell they could hear just fine, she should just point at what she was offering. that’s one uptight recieving smile i wish i had a camera for! ‘of course, of course.’ then yelling ‘SORRY ABOUT THAT I DIDN’T MEAN TO YELL!’ we all smiled and nodded.

i lost my favorite scarf at the airport in ny and cried about it on the plane. it was a gift brought to me from brazil. what is i gon do!

and last but not least a moment of unbridled desire occurred to me on the train the other night – this dude was standing in front of me reading a book and holding onto the railing. not interesting persay. then i noticed that how he was holding the thing a sliver of his hip was exposed. and not knowing him, i wanted to reach over and pull that sliver to me and sort of devour it with kisses. i haven’t felt unbridled desire recently – lots of bridled stuff but, that’s just not as fun.

oh wait that wasn’t the last thing! karl rove is doing one of his special hearings today about leaking a certain FBI agent’s name out and our folks are out there with condoms that say ‘Some Things Shouldn’t Leak!’ – if you’re in DC call me for info.

and! one of my favorite old hotties is here…should i holla? YES!! maybe he’ll induce something…unbridled!