YAY!!! YAY!!!

Scooter scooter scooter can’t you see
some times your guilt just sets my heart free
a brooklyn prosecutor set your ass on fire
and i hope the flames leap up higher and higher!

bup bup bup to irishman patrick fitzgerald who said, and i paraphrase:
‘i been hated on by republicans, hated on by dems, but i’m just doin
my job which is kickin ass and takin names!’ and since i am reading
it and not watchin it on tv i have the freedom to hear it in an irish

so today one of those ass-kicked names was i. lewis libby, jr., the
vp’s chief of staff. and tho they didn’t get rove today, my man patty
says they can do more trials. three snaps for justice.

other things that brought me joy today:

i like to work in the green apple cafe on dekalb avenue sometimes, i
can get wireless and soup and its a little warmer than my house. EXCEPT
when men walk in the door. apparently something left out of the book on
"how to ackright fo’ mens" is the crucial lesson: ‘In The Winter When It Is
Cold And You Enter A Warm Space, You Close The Door Behind You
Quickly So The Heat Doesn’t Creep Out And The Cold Air Doesn’t Come
In And Cause Working Girls To Shiva!’ so today when the third dude walked
in and left the door open like karl rove’s dirty mouth, i sucked my teeth,
snapped my neck and glared at him, then the door, then back at him. he
sighed, rolled his eyes, and obeyed. sigh. glorious control! like kimora
says, ‘i will beat a bitch ass!’


respectfully submitted by blogophile jd:
Anonymous sign at Anti-war Rally: Will someone just give him a blowjob
already so we can
impeach him??


Live Long in the Closet:


Sulu, from Star Trek finally came out!
Yup, gay as a
buttered banana! Star Trek really was the great American


Don’t mess with texas except if mercury is in retrograde: George
‘Hellabad’ Bush is on fire, and by that I mean having a personal
Red  week. The black folk have gone on record as completely
disapproving of
him, Harriet Miers demurely deferred the Supreme
Court nomination when the Christian
Right reminded her that they are
into hard core crucifixion films and did she
really wanna step to that?,
Cheney and Rove’s bedroom giggles came to an abrupt
halt with the
whole country sayin’ ‘hey, what’s that stain? somethin leakin?’, Castro

responded to the U.S. offer for aid like ‘talk to the hand cause the man

And finally, Madonna’s new video ‘Hung Up’ is an ode to dance and the
human body and all I can say is I am glad my tight pants are clean and
my boots are polished cause I’m shakin a tail feather or four this

Here’s something for your mind and heart:

> Excerpt From:
> "The Last Hours of the Ancient Sunlight"
> by Thom Hartmann
> More recently, British scientist and author Rupert Sheldrake pointed
> out how animals often seem to behave in a non-local fashion. When a
> certain number of birds in England learned how to open the tops of
> milk bottles left out by milkmen in the 1930s, birds all over Europe
> suddenly began to do it.  The speed of the transmission of the
> behavior defied any possibility that one bird had traveled to another
> and taught it … and the English Channel added a further barrier, as
> these were not migrating birds.
> Consciousness, the new physics implies, brings the universe into
> existence, and consciousness is not confined to any one place.  One
> interpretation is that the universe is made of consciousness … and
> nothing else.
> This phenomenon of instantly shared remote knowledge, which Sheldrake
> calls morphic resonance, implies that humans can behave in a way
> analogous to Einstein and Bohr’s subatomic particles.  When enough
> people learn something new, suddenly there’s a snap or shift, a
> resonance in the human morphic field, and everybody is awake to the
> new information.  There are countless examples of this, from the speed
> with which jokes travel around the country to how cultures shift and
> change without apparent organization.
> You do change the world every day Thirty years ago, I spent a few days
> with a renegade Sufi teacher in San Francisco.  He described his
> notion of reincarnation, which I think is an interesting metaphorical
> analogy to how morphic resonance and non-locality imply that we’re all
> constantly changing the world.
> "When we die, he said, our consciousness dissolves into what he 
> called "the cosmic soup." All our thoughts, dreams, fears,
> experiences, and everything-it all goes into the soup-pot, forming "a
> huge cosmic goulash, with everybody mixed together with everybody
> else."
> When a new baby is born, he said, "the cosmic cook’
> picked up his ladle, reached into the cosmic soup-pot, and drew out
enough of the soup to fill a human body/soul.  This was poured into the
new human.
> It was an interesting concept, and I have no strong opinion one way or
> another on its validity.  However, I particularly like the meaning he
> drew from it.
> "Because we all come from the same soup," he said, "we all have an
> obligation to make the soup happier, lighter, better tasting.  Every
> thought we think and every action we take will eventually become the
> soup, and so be poured into one of our descendants.
> So our actions, our thoughts, our words-even the most seemingly
insignificant-are important."
> Looking at Einstein’s, Bohr’s, and Sheldrake’s work, however, the
> question arises, Why wait until we die to add to the soup?  In fact,
> all the available evidence, from physics to psychology to common
> sense, tells us that our actions now, today, this moment as you read
> this book, are influencing everything and everybody in creation.
> Practice small acts of anonymous mercy
> So where do we begin?
> In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out that when we do good
> works," we should do them without other people knowing that we did
> them.  This is a difficult task: you have to continually keep an eye
> out for such opportunities.
> Many people, looking at the enormity of all the problems facing the
> world, feel depressed, overwhelmed, and apathetic.
> They often give up.

> But there is great spiritual and cultural power in performing small
> acts of mercy.  They echo farther than most people realize, and begin
> a "morphic resonance" process of putting out into the air-in a way
> that becomes culturally contagious-the millions of small steps that
> must be taken worldwide to save our planet and our species.
> On some level, we are all connected.  When you save the life of
> another living being-even a worm or a weed-you are putting into the
> air the saving of lives.  Small acts of mercy are among the most
> transformational spiritual activities a person can engage in, which is
> probably why Jesus and those teachers and prophets before him
> repeatedly put such emphasis on them.
>   ~:~
> So we can now see that science is proving the existence of something
> it once thought disproved: the living nature of the universe and the
> interconnectedness of all things.  That in stepping back from the
> intrusions and distractions of our corporate-driven culture, and in
> reaching out to the divinity both within ourselves and within nature,
> we can find a power and purpose and deep meaning to life.  From this
> place, from this new vantage point, we can see the essential insanity
> of the witiko dominator lifestyle, and when enough people figure this
> out, we will turn around on the destructive road humanity is now
> following.
> But how many people need to know this?
> A flyer I received in the late 1990s from an organization that calls
> itself Only Love Prevails claims the number is a mere 80,000.  They
> suggest that people should respond to any negative event-personally or
> worldwide-by mentally chanting, "Only love prevails." When I asked
> Victor Grey, author of Web Without a Weaver and a member of the
> organization, where they came up with that number, he wrote me:
> "Physicists tell us that according to the laws of wave mechanics, the
> intensity of (any kind of) waves that are in phase with each other is
> the square of the sum of the waves.
> In other words, two waves added together are four times as intense as
> one wave, ten waves are one hundred times as intense, etc.  Since
> thought is an energy, and all energy occurs as waves, we believe that
> 80,000 people all thinking the same thing together are as powerful, in
> terms of creating the reality that we all share as the 6,400,000,000
> people (80,000 times 80,000) that will inhabit the planet around the
> turn of the century, in their random chaotic thought. Therefore,
> 80,000 people all believing only in love will be enough to change the
> planetary reality."
> Could it be?  Studies done by the Transcendental Meditation folks have
> demonstrated repeatedly that when a certain threshold of meditators is
> reached in a city, the citys crime rates suddenly drop. (Seven percent
> is the figure most often cited, although some groups claim as little
> as one percent.)
> But even if Victor and his organization are wrong in their numbers,
> there is still hope.  Ideas are the most powerful force in the human
> world: everything man-made originated with ideas.
> Our culture is an idea-the idea of domination-and it can awaken to,
> or remember, the idea of cooperation that humans lived out for millions
of years.
> So if you share these ideas with just one person every month, and each
> of them shares the ideas with one person a month, a rapid and profound
> multiplication of this view can spread across the world. When you do
> the math on this "one person a month’ sharing, you discover that
> within less than three years every human being alive over six billion
> people-could hear the message, see the vision, and feel the
> possibility of a better life.
> Whatever the number, there is a synergistic effect in human
> interactions.  The more people who think or believe a certain way, the
> more who will find it easy to think or believe that way.  The more
> acts of mercy performed, the more people will be inclined to act
> mercifully.

> The more people turn to searching for peace and divinity, the more
> will be found.