weekend in brooknam

its on

i sang at the union square awards. sofia santana, one of the best behind the scenes organizer minds in the country, put together another fabulous event and you know the union square awards are the best kind of thing  – giving young grassroots truly radical organizations a sizable, difference-making amount of money. iris morales asking me to sing – this goes down as one of the GREAT moments of my WHOLE life…so i opened it up with a song, come unto me all ye that labor…then sang this sweet honey song called the women gather (get raise your voice if you are looking for a sweet honey album) and then an original song and then omar freilla and his crew came up and drummed. the awardees, 15 of them, each had stories that opened you wide up.

stayed up late last night blazing near central park and relaxing in the afterglow of a lovely event. and today i spent the day at the baths with my girls dani and kat letting things come up and leave us. tonight i got to see jen kidwell perform in a fred ho show at BAM, her voice is this rich wet gift that cascades down over you into your roots and so marvelous…so its basically, so far, a perfect weekend.

PLUS i got some sweetness yestiday before the show from my favorite cuddle-bunny, and i will get to see my sister tomorrow. and i am broke, y’all, not even haha funny. something has to give, and i think its a charity, to me…


hope yours is sweet!