a random list of pressing concerns, some of them sexual

1. i recently had a conversation with some close friends about how early in life we became sexually active, wherein sexually active is defined as running around like a horny dog rubbing one’s self on anything and everything that might satisfy the mysterious urges Down There. as i listened i became aware that my activities started VERY EARLY. what does this mean????

2. i have recently awaken from tender nightmares with my computer right next to me, and i am beginning to worry about our relationship. i mean i get to talk about myself plenty which as far as i can tell is the key to good relationships…but my computer gets to frame everything! its a bit abusive to me that i only get to communicate to the outside world when SHE feels to connect, particularly as she is the gateway to internet porn and music and i mean, i spend most of my days with her head in my lap. but do i really know my computer? can i count on her not to blank out completely when i most need her?

3. am i the only person i know who will admit to loving internet porn? specifically the sites where you can get like 1 minute of free video? because yes, i have a short attention span even when it comes to watching porn. get me up and get me off, ya know…

4. at what point does a hole in one’s foot go from being a painful hindrance to an emergencia?

5. i think i am TOO excited to Not be going out of town this weekend. i mean its new york, its cold. not like i’m do anything particular here. my dream is to hang out with evans richardson the – III…or IV…or maybe V. something very regal. but he’s a busy brain, so one can only hope.

6. back to the sex stuff, and this may get a bit graphic but i’ve been conducting a casual poll [do not even try to imagine how amazing the results of a FORMAL poll of my inner circle would be!] and as far as i can tell there are a lot of positions that are exciting visually or as a concept, but nothing even comes close to the bump and grind of doggy style for men or women, gay or straight. if you have a different opinion, please holler at me, because it has me stumped on the possibilities for human evolution if, in our most private walls down spaces, all we really want is to be spanked and called dirty names and do the dirty doggy style.

7. how much is sex like crack?

8. and by that i mean the more you get the more you want?

9. or maybe i’m just going through a highly sexed up phase of adulthood that started when i was….extremely young?

10. am i a hypocrit to want to talk about sex whenever it comes to mind and really explore all of these pressing concerns but also not be boxed in the sex box in life? you know what the sex box is dontcha kids? its when you meet people and they assume that because you are into sex in theory and some practice that you will be into sex with them. NO MY CHILD. I AM NOT INTO SEX WITH YOU UNLESS I SAY I AM INTO SEX WITH YOU. DON’T PUT BABY IN A CORNER!

sigh. and its just wednesday morning! or is it tuesday? whatdafreaky.