monday monday

whew – ok taking a short break from listening to mariah carey and preparing for two upcoming organizational retreats in california to post. i haven’t been posting daily right now, there’s a lot going on. but a lot of it is the kind of frustrating end of the year work. no venting, no venting!

its my sister autumn’s birthday tuesday – she’s shown amazing grace through a rough year – looking back at that time right after college…flames flames. one flame has included not being able to find a really exciting job as an organizer…i remember myself how hard it was to find organizations that were willing to make an investment in an organizer with youth and college organizing experience.

today i had breakfast with someone who i met during my harm reduction days and we just had a kvetching session about the corporatizion of non-profits and non-profit funding, and how amazingly qualified people don’t get good opportunities that actually pay a living wage right now, how prevalent mismanagement is, and how rarely non-profits are a realization of the organization’s public values. it’s so disappointing to be in this period of generational shift when young women of color particularly are not able to find a safe supportive space to really floruish, and often because older, well-intentioned folks in the movement are not willing to really hand over power. we really have to start calling this out when we see it and challenging ourselves and those we love and work with to step beyond this movement barrier.  

in other news – i changed the song on my outgoing voice mail message and its getting good reviews. AND bette midler is on the view this morning as my background noise 🙂 life’s little pleasures!

though…last night i watched the first movie that really made me question too much pleasure – gore vidal’s ‘caligula’. my boy nathan rented this on dvd and they watched and said it seemed like i should. not sure what to make of this, since it was extreme orgiastic scenes interspliced with super explicit violence. anytime you’d start to get a little heat then something horrific would happen. makes you want to be a quiet monk!

adrienne the monk. hmmm.

wanted to share this upcoming
event with you. also, it’s world aids day on december 1st, in addition
to being the birthday of my beloved sofia santana, so lots of
celebration this week before i head to california for two weeks…i am mcing an aids event on dec 2, as soon as i
get more information from shonali i will let y’all know.

check this out:

Hi there!

Junior Vasquez here. I want to tell you about a party that you can’t miss on Saturday, December 3rd at the Manhattan Center.

Move Against AIDS is a five
hour Dance-a-thon that benefits GMHC and the Community HIV/AIDS
Mobilization Project. I’ll be there along with DJ’s Tony Moran, Chad
Jack, Mary Mac and Tony Touch. Special guests and performers also
include Tyson Beckford, Jai Rodriguez, Jody Watley, Kim English, and
Wendy Williams – and a very special performance by Jason Walker during
my set!

Last year was an absolutely
incredible show, and I’m thrilled to return this year to do what I can
to help these important organizations confront the ongoing HIV/AIDS
crisis in our community. Over 15,000 men women and children benefit
from the services provided by GMHC.

Even here in NYC it’s not
often that you have the opportunity to see the nations best DJ’s on one
night. Don’t miss your chance! You can get more info at www.moveagainstaids.org or call 212-807-9255. Register today and make your move against AIDS!

See you December 3rd!
Junior Vasquez

Register now to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Raise more to help more –
join the New and Improved Red Carpet Club!  Challenge yourself by
setting a goal of raising $350 or more.  Incentives include:

• Access to our special Platinum Pavillion.  Free refreshments and lots of perks!

• Everyone who
raises $350 or more will be entered into a drawing for a pair of
round-trip tickets on Delta Air Lines good for flights in the U.S.,
Canada, Caribbean or Mexico!

• Receive the official Move Against AIDS Red Carpet Club messenger bag, knit cap with flip brim and t-shirt!

• Free express admission to
the official Move Against AIDS after-party at crobar featuring DJ David
Morales.  The after-party will include an open bar from 1:00 a.m. –
2:00 a.m. (21 and over only)!

Register today and make your move against AIDS!