post ravishing


the planned unplanned time. i spent yesterday doing personality tests with shane, jen and justin – i am a narcissist ocd infj nympho according to the tests. whatever – through the twin lenses of mimosa and hot toddies it was aight – got a great foot rub, gave some back rub, yum yum yum. AND played spades and what!

got a plethora of wonderful new year’s wishes, wonderful wonderful. went to a party where the esteemed rabbi darkside was spinning cause my boy dennis is the restaurant manager and it was free and i had my flask and it was quite a gathering. and even kate and arie showed up to glam out. some horrible person handed out those loud noisemaker things to people too drunk to make a good call and not blow them repeatedly.

but then i got to go to veselka for my first meal of the new year – arugula and goat cheese pierogis and kielbasa – its gonna be a polish year damnit. at some point i ended up between a jamaican and four frenchies in a cab ride home – ‘peace jah mon, bon anninni!’

i was told i looked ravishing, and cute, and that i felt as good as i smelt and looked. i was quite whiskeyed up, but the compliments stuck.

lesson learned? in 06 – tell people when they look, smell, or feel good, particularly if you can find a reason to use the word ravishing!

and then of course there’s post-ravishing…of which i happen to have pictures because i think self photo shoots during hangovers are really revealing!


post ravishing can actually double as present day drowned racoon! yes i even wore a bit of make-up which i never do…but please notice the excellent work my sister did on my eyebrows. april is the bomb. she celebrated with my mom and i think extended family, and autumn is in cold minnesota with her boyfriend’s family, while my dad is home in japan watching football games. sofia is in miami – we called each other several times through the night to acknowledge is was weird to be away from each other and then put smiles in our voices and scream happy new year some more!

now i want to…shower! mmm shower with my buffy the backside slayer exfoliation bar from lush. oh have a good day!