8 hrs on a plane makes amb insane

poor poor me.

i woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, just a leetle teeny beet
hungover thanks to a healthy mix of jen and jameson last night, and
cabbed over to la guardia to hop on a 6am flight to dc for the ‘stop
alito’ (dat bastard) press conference. we don’t need to discuss how i
was almost late turning my house upside down looking for my book of
sudoku puzzles. i found out on the plane that you can make your own
sudoku puzzles! so there…sudoku puzzle book maker..

i also napped on the plane and had my little speech all written out and
wouldn’t you know, we get over dulles and the fog is all over it and we
can’t land, so we end up flying to pittsburgh for fuel! now i love
pittsburgh, and for a second i thought i might get to check in with
khari, ruthesha, nish and tony, but they wouldn’t let us off the plane.
hours later, my early morning wisdom to not eat till i got to d.c. suddenly seemed
like mid-morning idiocy. at some point as i savored the mystery salted
‘snak’, the press conference happened with the statement i was able to
text the guy from the plane. so we finally flew to dulles and then i hopped on a plane back to ny.

and i have to be in dc again this weekend. sigh.

people are liking the sustainable activist piece up on wiretap! check it
at www.wiretapmag.org. speaking of sustainability, i had to tell the
aggressive caller today that he was scaring me and needed to stop
calling so much. he was like ok – when are your meetings? eek! and,
speaking of eek, did i mention a part of my ceiling fell in from the
dripping the other day? i woke up to see little white spots across the
floor, and following them i found a pile of plaster. see:


my landlady said its an easy fix. then she tried to take my closet door.
i’m going to start calling her ‘the creep’.

in other news, my feelings on a certain recent conversation with a
certain unnamed person can best be expressed by one of my favorite bob
dylan songs, transcribed here:

"i once held her

in my arms

she said she would always stay

but i was cruel

i treated her like a fool

i threw it all away

once i had mountains

in the palm of my hand

rivers that ran through every day

but i must have been mad

i never knew what i had

until i threw it all away

love is all there is

it makes the world go round

love and only love

it can’t be denied

no matter what you think about it

you just won’t be able to do without it

take a tip from one who’s tried

so if you find someone who

gives you all of her love

take it to your heart

don’t let it stray

one thing for certain you will surely be a-hurting

if you throw it all away"

and that’s all there is to say about that. moving right along…

some wonderful quotes for t-shirts from my friend who can only be called

– she’s just one of those people that needs to shut up

– sorry, i just don’t associate with ridiculous people when i don’t have
to. you know what i mean.

and one from a relative:

– my best friend is a pathological i don’t know what!

i am finally home with mary on and found my sudoku book and feeling better. day be gone!