wendy williams

i am listening to wendy williams (woh i LOVE) and knocking out mad work today!

i love new years, like when a year begins and everything can be totally new. i work best during the month of january…and i also love when people in your life who you have written off as heartbreakers try to make a comeback. and when you are sure they won’t succeed because you are sure you know the truth about them, and have your fingers in some other hot hot bowls, but its still great to watch.

tomorrow i will be in d.c. for the hip-hop caucus national student and youth meeting. it starts at 9 am, at University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law (www.law.udc.edu) Building 39, 2nd Floor, Room 201 4200 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC. Come thru if you can!