content of my character

someone who will rename nameless just asked me if i am the mlk poster child, all black and white and happy together.

happy mlk day – i hope you engage in some little ritual that makes you consider the content of your character. it’s such a ludicrous demand, to have to ask to be considered for who you are. and yet its so internalized, we’ve learned the lesson of judgement so deeply that we almost never take people for their content. we take them for whatever works at the moment, on their race, or gender, or how someone like them treated us at some point long ago, or – anything that will make it easier to store them in our minds. we shy away from the work it takes to build deep knowledge of other people. getting to know people is looking in a mirror and oh we don’t want to look, but we can’t not look. hence, love.

i’ve made a major advance in my sudoku puzzles! first i had a breakthrough to being able to see the number lay-out in my mind and not having to make notes to myself, and then this weekend moved into medium level! the girl next to me on my plane from d.c. today smiled and pulled out her book of sudoku and we compared strategies – she uses a pencil! never considered it, she was very impressed. joy joy.

got to kick it with khari, ibrahim and tanji last night. excellent fun in our suite, but i felt bad cause some of our neighbors were upset by the…party atmosphere we created. ugh, trying to set a good example and not able to explain that having a great time IS a good example of living right! (because i was having such a great time it was hard to get the words together?)

is it just me or is being a mystery shopper a little creepy?

ok ok, it’s just me!

i’m off to rice to celebrate one of the greatest anti-war activists of all time with shane, the kind of person who makes me so happy there is no draft.