drunk blog number whatever

hee hee
ok so…yes i admit it the dewars is holding me prisoner!

but today, which was an awesome day anyway, i got two bits of news which i just have to revel in…

1. two of my old lovers had a bonding session last night in which they realized who they are vis a vis me, and decided to proposition me for a threesome! now. generally my rules on a threesome are: a. i have no rules and b. both people have to be hot in my book. check and check! lol…lucky open minded girl gets the wormhole.

i recently have been in full target mode, with every ex i’ve had over the past 10 years taking aim. the great thing is, i’ve made good choices, so there’s no one on that list i wouldn’t go back to. maybe one person…but just cause he’s ridiculous. actually there’s a few ridiculous people. the encounters were still good…but i hadn’t been thinking about this one other person as a viable candidate. but, clearly, no stone can go unturned, and thus no lover un-turned out…


2. i can’t even really explain the second bit of news, except that a random hottie is possibly going to be around me a bit more, and me being me, i can’t think of anything being too wrong with that. oh i am naive, i am sure some complications will arise. but not from me, because drama got nixed on jan 1 06 and thus i am in the hinterlands of harmony, internally.

but something else i’ve realized is that people i know have some funny rules around the etiquette of hook-ups. for me…there basically is no etiquette. you just go for broke and hope it satisfies all parties and everyone is a free agent. and going for broke entails meeting people who you know are trying to do good in the world and making them feel good.

this is the dawning of the age of the free agent. the person, sometimes in the shape of adrienne, who does what she wants purely because she wants to! and maturity comes in the form of hurting no one’s feelings, creating no unnecessary drama, but valuing the full person in each little hot and bothered interaction.


3…did i indicate there were only two? its the whiskey i swear…but in another conversation it became clear that a close encounter with the the hottest person i know in history is eminent. you don’t even know what that means, but i do, i know it means that something good is coming to me.

4. four adrienne? four??? yes…there is someone i have been flirting with for many years who, a while back, sent me pictures to plead the case that i should consider said person as a lover. the pictures were convincing and the game has backed it up and – 06 may be the year of realizing fantasies. or not. i hate giving up fantasies…who is with me?

what else can i say…my sister and i ripped target to pieces today – i got a desk lamp and a chair for my ‘home office’ and some lightbulbs that won’t hurt the earth and more jersey knit sheets because they feel really good, and some brita water filters cause dirty water scares me. i spent too much and now i must repent by fasting.

AND i called adam! and he sounded great and i get to see him and karynn this week – they are one of those couples that, by their very existence, gives you hope in finding someone out there that aligns with your vision for changing the world and mutual respect in the context of love.

um…and…i forgot to drop off my laundry. damn. and…i talked to my mama in japan, she is doing well. japan is too far. i am glad this is hopefully their last far away assignment. i miss my parents. theirs are the only messages i save on my phone to listen to over and over again. do you like your parents? not only do i like mine, but i find that my little self-analysis game only works when i factor them in and let them know about it. but then again i think i have an unprecedented honesty with them.

i am at the peak of my peak right now – i know saturn returns is supposed to come soon and f it all up but, to be honest, when you realize that every single experience is a learning one, it changes the whole game up.

oh i wish i could kiss you right now, so you could feel beyond my words to this marvelous mood i am in. but a girl can only travel so much. so i owe you all deep lovely kisses. i’ll hold up my end of the promise 😉 i promise!

sunday sunday sunday. time to pray!