the public sphere: some things i love about ny

i love that there’s a ms. subways, whose sole purpose seems to be having her picture next to reminders to give up your seat for pregnant and elderly people. she ain’t even all that. how do you get to be ms subways?

and i love that you can overhear two young white hipster people completely seriously having this convo:

guy: the first thing we close in on is you
girl: oh, that makes sense
guy: and the wind is blowing
girl: oh, sadness
guy: then, you step forward
girl: oh, and they all come walking after me?
guy: oh no no, not yet, he just stands
girl: oh, that’s powerful
guy: oh, and the whole time its chopin, chopin!
girl: i love the implications of that! oh, and then there’s the personality of the slave?
guy: oh yeah, they have to behave like they have no idea, just no clue about anything, mindless slaves, the essence of slaves
girl: oh that whole dark dark energy, that dark vibe
guy: yes and then you walk in, all beautiful
girl: and then there’s the sex scene?
guy: with your personality. oh, and the shots are set up so it’s, you know, very deep.

then the whoosh off into the world.

i love when i am listening to my ipod and slip up and sing along out loud or just have a wildin’ out listening moment, and someone nearby knows the song or recognizes the feeling and we vibe. in general any moments of stranger vibe in ny make me happy.

i wish y’all could see me right now trying to get this crick out mah neck. after the magical moment with tony the masseuse last week, i then had a few nights of not enough proper sleep and then slept wrong on my neck and now when i try to cock it to the right (which i had no idea i do all the time, its how i listen, or effect the air of listening when reading emails) the left says hell to the naw! so i am using all of my personal massagers on it, and a hot pad which i have affixed to my neck by tying a scarf around it. wearing just that and my new african power legwarmers has me laughing my ass off everytime i catch a minute in the mirror.

what else what else…have you done all you could to stop alito yet? or have you done…nothing? don’t feel bad, just exert a little pressure if you can, now is the time…today is a good day to call your senators as the hearings are done and now folks are gonna be voting.

a little funny:

This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address fell on the same day.  As Air America Radio pointed out, "It is an ironic juxtaposition: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication, and the other involves a groundhog.

there’s a sexpert on wendy williams today, fun fun fun listening! have you done your kegel exercises today, friends? she recommended doing 100 a day. and squeeze, release, squeeze, release!