today someone reminded me of the existence of gizoogle.com. have y’all had your ego gizoogle moment? do it – just a tip from adrienne marizzle brizzle.

the next whole segment is xxx, mom. the only safe reading is not reading for you at this point!

i am so tempted to write a piece called: tips on taking a new lover. i have been wanting to write this for a while, as i think it is a necessary skill to acquire and there is a RIGHT way to do it! but i am about to start the sex column! so i will save it.

i am also tempted to write an unrelated piece here called head sex, about a phenomenon which a dear friend told me i have been guilty of (there’s such a more proper way to write that sentence but, you know, kiss mine.)

i would like to state, for the record, that I LOVE SEX. and i am blessed to be an activist-organizer whatever. and that’s why my sex and relationship advice column for organizers is going to be so fun.

and now, i want to ask YOU a few questions. 10. 10 questions:

1. what comes to mind when you think of revolution?
2. what comes to mind when you think of slavery?
3. what comes to mind when you think of heaven?
4. who comes to mind when you think of evil?
5. what do you think of threesomes?
6. do you think you are superior in some way to the majority of the species? in what way? (hint: i think i might have a greater capacity to forgive, but i haven’t determined if it is mo’ superior or mo’ sucker)
7. would you say you have amazing sex on a regular basis?
8. do you recycle?
9. what do you do when you most need to relax?
10. are you addicted to sudoku yet? (www.websudoku.com)

the founder of now has died. coretta scott king has died. i want a different remembering of them than i am seeing thus far. why don’t we ever want to remember the real strength in women when they pass – they are wives or symbols to us, we never want to remember humans, warriors.

has anyone created a multi-use charger yet? something with multiple adapters for various phones, computers, etc? i want one. where is it?

i’m going to be interviewing saul williams – any burning questions you’d like me to ask him?

and now, some shout outs:

i want to send a shout out to malia – hope the rice tasted just right!
i want to send a shout out to adam and karynn – i love the energy you left here!
i want to send a shout out to sofia – miss you!
i want to send a shout out to jalen – i will call you kai if you want, promise!
and to janine – 10 Gs homey!
i want to send a shout out to april and autumn – you inspirational beauties you!
i want to send a shout out to you – have a marvelous day!

i must to bed 🙂