knocking it out

i am about to go on a three week journey of intense trainings and retreats and meetings and am trying to get all the work done beforehand. what fun!

just had a nice little soup session with this brilliant man named j.p. who teaches tai chi and works with the Bioneers and was just delightful. we talked about movement, capitalism, getting tired of naivete, health, natural highs, and more.

on the way home i passed this white girl in those funny super furry boots who was on the phone saying, "well you probably tan like i do, get all black and crispy. CRISPY. c-r-i-s-p-y! crusty! black! like toast! yeah…hahahaha. its awesome to get black." no comment necessary.

i’ve been listening to two songs non-stop…yo by chris brown and i choose you by willie hutch. yo makes me happy because even though chris looks a bit squish-faced, his video which basically shows him in a dance sequence following a girl around singing about how dope she is comes precariously close to the fantasy i held all through middle and high school for how i wanted to be approached. this fantasy still holds. anyone who bursts out into a song and dance routine to get my attention will get rewarded! the other song was on the soundtrack of hustle and flow, and jaheim did a not as good cover of it, but the original sound is just an indulgent exploration of the very moment of love.

the heartbreaker and i had our meyers briggs moment today, where it became clear that all our problems come down to the reality that he is a j and i am a p. sigh. i would get the official interpretation but the cheesy online service costs $5 and frankly i am just not that obsessed. right now.

had another super deep conversation today, with someone who i have had a crazy complex few years. we went at it honestly, deeply, this is what i thought, what i need, what i needed, etc. this is how it drains, it hurts, and in the end just getting to say i love you with all of this behind us but to move on it has to be behind us. it felt good. i feel good right now about my ability to wrap my mouth or fingers around what i need to say.

can i also just say that i love smooth move tea? whooo poooo!! certain movements should not have the motto back that thing up. ahem. are we close enough to talk about that?

happy birthday chelsea!!

now i am off for 24 hours of play with my inspiration, the 5 year old genius in my life. cheerio!