Success has many fathers but failure is a bastard.

i think that if we don’t push for a censure on this president before the fall so we can expose the spineless mass to target in the fall we are un poco bastardo. now you know i have a weakness for bastards – but not for people who can act and don’t.

my sister contributed today’s post heading. she’s a Hard Core Runner and thus keeps many dope quotes about success nearby. she’s also getting to be quite the kickboxer, and i got to spend hours poking all her dope new muscles in wonder. she was the perfect soft place to fall after the intense New Organizing Institute Inaugaural Training. altho i hated a lot of the throwback powerpoint training style, a lot of the content was great and the attendees were excellent, excellent. lots of fam in there. also got to see a cousin who grew up in panama and is majoring in spanish – maybe she can help me learn a language finally!

april and autumn get to hang out this weekend while i’m in cali. april is turning 24 and i so wish i could be there – we DO birthdays. i can’t really wrap my head around my sisters aging. i know it is happening, but what it means, that we are passing and leaving behind all clear markers of real youth, when it all still feels so new!

i missed the oscars – was on a plane dreaming of tulle and Terrence. can i admit here for just a second that ‘it’s hard out here for a pimp’ is really catchy? of course…so is crack. so go check davey d’s excellent ranting on what that victory means at www.daveyd.com.

got to sleep with naina last night, my twin star. i love her because she always sees more than one side to things and asks excellent questions and has the best presence ever. she lives in a haunted house on an oakland hill – delightful!

just had another amazing day with the ruckus team – they are so awesome. doing really groundbreaking work redefining what action entails for real folk on the ground. they inspire me in a way that feels new.

oh here’s something a bit large and wieldy (yeah wieldy. what!): i saw the heartbreaker last week and, perhaps – just perhaps – i am not in love anymore. in a good way. my first reaction, walking away after hanging out, was: ‘that was good, no real drama, no confusion, no…no…no crazy overwhelming belly drop? no angst? no breathlessness? no thoughts of the future?’ it was just cool. homey cool. my initial reaction to that was, awesome. and – sad. i’ve loved him so long. feel a bit like a ship with the rope to the dock slipped loose. but i love the ocean, i like being able to see as far as my eye cares to…so…where to now? i wonder if i know contenders for my next great love affair, or if something completely brand new is coming.

the east coast clock is ticking in my backbone…natasha, hottie who loves jay-z the right way, is comin to get me shortly. more ruckus tomorrow and then off to sonoma for rockwood. am i tired? yes. excited? very much so!

don’t forget to do the whole bush video spreading thing – www.indyvoter.org.

also our blog is being updated there, and i write for it, as well as dani and more authors are coming! so go check it and spread it. kisses!