future 5000 and some boobies!

hmm – i started postin and perhaps its gone. never mind…i will go again! unstoppable so please don’t try to…hee hee. remember how mariah carey rapped on her first album? i feel that undauntable today. the moon is hiding the sun but you still feel the light – if that isn’t the moment we’re then at least we know such rhythms of dark and light exist. a dear friend says its diurnal. i can’t argue with her…since that word is above and beyond my comprehension! like that chic from sopranos says – ‘my character uses all these SAT words!’

i’ve been running into everything (head into ski rack on car, back into bedside table, ankle into pavement, booty into everyone). i am too excited right now – just spent two days with manju, shaunna, ibrahim, and sam with the guidance of jessamyn delight – developing the future 5000 project. soooo exciting and inspirational and visionary. it’s nice to get in a room where everyone is free to think really hard and be a geek with some fearless cool on the side…and so soon,  with a little hope and extreme perserverance and faith, we’ll all be networked and anything will be possible. the team of people at the table is amazing, everyone is thinking above and beyond the current day, while still so present in this moment we’re in – what is your dream for how we build movement online? where are all the entry points into movement?

manju was coming off of non-stop persistent response to a racist sexual assault at Duke University (read more on this at www.feministing.com – scroll down for samhita’s post), where she helped pull together a response of action and message. it was deep to be around her and feel how that violence gets carried forth. it made me want to make sure we tighten our network and our ability to support activists involved in such efforts.

in general, it was two extremely intense days and i am sooo tired, all the creative input pouring out…whew. and since i landed in the bay its been non-stop go go go go meet dream think talk share remember explain go. i got to talk with amazing thinkers from www.colorofchange.org and www.wiretapmag.org and www.blocnetwork.org and CJNY and it was all just quite stimulating. tomorrow looks like a go go day too, and sunday i suspect will be like church, in that i may have cause to pray a lot. but tonight, i am letting the days pour out of me and sitting in the quiet, taking care of myself a bit. mud mask, no stress, no noise. lord of the rings? perfect friday night! funny how that can happen anywhere in the country if you need it enough. a room of one’s own…

now, as a backdrop to all this, i vaguely remember writing something really funny about my recent extended bout with constipation. i did a cleanse, then i was traveling and in response to sort of limited eating options and whatever, my body rebelled and so i then came up with all these names like bloatasaurus, backedupadactylus, and fullashitosaur, and so on. then i took ‘get regular’ tea and experienced the total freedom of full body commitment to an act of release! hallelujah!!! and…flush! 🙂

i’m warming up to california – although what i am clear on is the deceptive cold and wetness of this place. no insulation in the houses + a smile = the facade of a warm place. that’s an Illusion. this bay thing is cold as hell, i have been getting my bundled-up on.

i heard from someone yesterday who had rediscovered her lover, it was a beautiful story. i love to hear a woman put her foot down to be treated marvelously, and then i love when a partner goes above and beyond the challenge of showing love. i can’t remember the last time someone wouldn’t accept my walls and fought to love me in spite of it all, and i see romance everywhere, in everything. i can honestly say at this moment that no one stands a chance without some outrageous, surprising, mature magic game.

have y’all heard of fertility awareness?

and finally…today i’d like to pour some out for the leftover parts of shirts that are cut out to make v-necks. it’s all boobies all the time, i am getting really happily familiar with my cleavage. what fun! breasts are quite wonderful to play with if you notice them and i can basically get away with fondling them most of the time.

speaking of which…