form is immaculate

le horror!

that’s all i could think today as my personal trainer did the measuring thing – it was the time for the measuring. he measured me. i have been measured. the thing about measuring that makes it even more excruciating is that they wrap the tape around a part of you, and you send shrinking vibes to that part, then they adjust to find the widest point of whatever part they are measuring. amazing. THAT is the shit that will have you eating fish and naked salads instead of oreos for lunch!

now because david is the Best Personal Trainer Ever, he then told me that my form on the leglifts was ‘immaculate’ and that i had the ‘best motor skills’ of any of his clients. he had another client wrapping up as i started and she kept quitting at stuff. then he would be like – watch, see how adrienne pops her hips off the ground? like that.

ahem, besting someone at hip-pops? i’ll take a little more of that sir! i even overpopped one of my hip flexors which i thought you could only do while…thinking…really fast and hard. later i had to grimace through the hip stretches. pain becomes a point of pride! honestly, i do a pout-lipped grimace which probably looks hella sour, but part of the whole dynamic with David is he can see the fierce inner moi.

oh the pain.
but was it worth a Superior Physical Moment?

I don’t know if y’all know this but…other than cheerleading, I was always on JV or second string – in volleyball, basketball, soccer. i just wasn’t real competitve, but i think largely because i was already kinda screwed in the head about my body by then and didn’t want anyone looking at me, so i couldn’t really abandon myself to a sport where things might be exposed, or jiggling/bouncing/moving. which is deep cause i look back at pics of then and i looked fabulous! but anyway, physical insecurity was set early.

now i do squats in front of a mirror and think of my ass as an objective thing to lift and tighten.  watch out now! my goal: brick house with actual bricks in the trunk.

speaking of which: http://www.theultimatefatlossguide.com/index.html

my friend hipped me to this logical thing to help health and i say, go for it!

in other news, i am in talks with all the people, the white people. who love the whole ‘whiteous’ thing. they want to start a site. possible names: www.whiteous.com. www.ithinkimightbewhiteous.com. www.whiteoussupportcircles.com. its really a fun and love-filled project. i think i have coined a term…let me check wikipedia!

woah! i just took a harmonica break.

yup. that kind of harmonica.

so i am also now ON myspace. i have been on there for a while with no passion, but jessamyn convinced me to really commit to trying it and…its so fun! its like the early days of friendster! when you’re just finding people! i am finding all the same people i have on friendster but…still. its a fun distraction.

i started reading fledgling today – octavia’s last book. problem: it’s about vampires. reading about any blood suckage makes my stomach turn. still, its here last book and i must thus read it. FUCK!

to relax relate release the nausea, my girl leah sent me yoga passes. thanks darling leah!! leah is this stunning redhead doing yoga in the far north of california. i am going to fire yoga tomorrow. its ALL conNECted!

oh, bryant is going to be here for his and anna’s book release party thursday – let me know if you want to roll wit me. or lean wit me. or rock wit me. they are about to shift the whole food movement!

also – i am enjoying the option to buy single songs on i-tunes. what is your favorite favorite song you think i should download?

that’s all for tonight…next post: intellectual crushes and should you ever actually have a drink with them or keep them in the boys-with-perfect-brains box?