in colorado

Ah denver…my second time this year up against these mountains. I am here this week for the training of native trainer…very exciting! Its the first of its kind, I’ve been told.

I let the world beyond the blog know m going to be the e.d. Of ruckus in the bay to thunderous epplause.

Now I’m at my girl nora’s in denver, she fed me some good ass veggie indian food. I asked for good routes to cali and received 40 days and nights of journies, and hopefully a passenger or two for the ride. Those should be fun blogs.

My pet peeves in ny right now:

People who let their dogs shit in the sidewalk.
Holes in my house.
$5 for the airtrain at jfk.
Manhattan. The whole thing!!

That’s all for now…lets see if this will work from my sidekick!