superbloggin from d’aeroporte

hello and hello

i feel like i’ve been away from this lovely blog and thus all you lovely four people.

i just had a moment of absolute singleness, it was pretty tight! i am more single now than i have been in years, like, nothing pulling on my heart in any desperate way. its a different kind of freedom than i can even remember, no pain. when longing for something i don’t even think you can imagine this kind of calm heart as a goal. is it lack of attachment, that zen like heart, could i be in that zone?

perhaps that’s why i can say it is with no macking intent that i face a certain horror of horrors:

i have a hair that has started growin out of my chin!

just one, and it grows slowly, but it won’t go away? everytime i mention this to another woman they are like girl please, that is just the way of the world.


i have been a decidedly unbearded lady. i met a lovely bearded lady today at our protest against newmont mining, and it worked for her, and thats great. but i am not that. that is not me. what comes to mind are witches and old ladies. am i socialized? prissy? ignant? HELP!!

in other news, i have spent mmmm several hours now in a bar at the denver airport. thats always fun…am trying to see if i can get on a direct flight blah blah

so the real thing is, i am so fucking excited about this ruckus job. i mean, the opportunities/ challenges already abound. the position of executive director is a deep one. its one thing to have a vision for every aspect of an organization, that is this deep feeling of infatuation and awe…to actually be in a position to implement it all is something else entirely, something wonderful and frightening akin to marriage, finding a work/life partner. mostly wonderful, because the folks i am working with are so talented and capable. but i have to catch myself sometimes like – is what i just said executive directorly or totally unacceptable? or am i just gonna be the best adrienne i can be at all times?

here are some photos of the lovely people i spent the week with at this indigenous people’s power project training (cy, hannah, lily, satya and marty with the some folks from the colorado american indian movement):


more to come…oh and here’s the snowstorm we were caught up in:


no joke fall down if you’re wearing cute boots type snow.

i wrote an amazon review for bryant’s book grub – have y’all got yo copies yet? GRAB GRUB! www.eatgrub.com

wow…somehow 7 hours have passed! let me go try to hustle this journey. heads up – kyung-ji has started crafting a goodbye party for my may 13th…open your calendars and spread the word…