you’re getting sleepy

pilates means never having a pain-free laugh, sneeze, or cough. pilates and allergies just don’t mix!
but i also kinda love knowing there is a muscle under there!!

warning: i am once again feeling like i may be done with the blogging phase of my life. or perhaps just a bit like the world is too imbalanced for meaningful commentary. oo many posts these days are written by the pensive patty part of me!

maybe i need new glasses. rose colored ones…

today i got to feel the role i play in life as standing between things. i went to the anti-war march which no one seemed to know about, there was a festival on foley square where i’d been invited to sing and emcee a bit. i found out when i got there that we had no sound permit, and thus only made it an hour and a half into the show when bored cops found something to do by shutting down our little sound system…

when i arrived at the square tho, i saw such a gentle gathering. i drifted between protestors, sweet people and cynics. they were all speaking critically, and i daresay they were all correct in their assessments. bush is fucked up, peace is the answer, and this type of gathering isn’t going to have the deep impact needed to stop this administration in their wars or incompetencies…

i’ve been in the mind lately of the end user, since i learned about this idea of end user metrix, determining what your client or participant or audience most wants/needs to hear/see/feel for you to be successful in whatever your effort is. the perfect action in life, big or small, hangs in the balance between your deeply understood purpose in life and your end users’ needs. i now watch protests with my deep purpose of wanting to end the violent injustice of war, but from the mind of someone on the fence about this administration, or as a shareholder, or as someone against the war but scared or unsure of how to act against it…what doesn’t work is violence or hatred – in words or actions. i saw a lot of signs that were massively unclear, or seemed to be made only for the pleasure and amusement of the signmaker. i want to do a movement makeover!

visited janine and jalen today, who have moved into a nicer bigger apartment in which jalen has bunk beds with a star specked canopy and a special nightlight with stars and moons and planets and a special chair that closes over his head if he wants – the delight of small things for small people always beats out the acquirement of big toys for grown ups in my eyes.

then had a late dinner with my college roommate adriana, who gets more stunning each year. she has just spent a year teaching in india, and starts nyu ph.d in education program in the fall. so together, she almost makes me want to do my hair.


tomorrow i have a climate justice meeting, this issue that is sort of clawing at me, more desperately than so much other work.

late night news drinking game: can you count the number of times mainstream media makes the connection between 9-11 and the tribeca film festival?

for the visual learners, i have a picture of me with my new necklaces on, just posted it on myspace, they are my current bartered pride and joy 🙂

marching in solidarity with immigrant justice on may 1st? holla if you want to!