divas and sheroes

I am sitting here with the charming josie wulsin waiting (2.5 hrs now) for lauryn hill. The crowd is angsty and I am part of that crowd, tho I am glad I am not standing outside for the second show that is supposed to start in 20 minutes, as this first show has not yet started!

A little birdy said lauryn was super duper diva’d out. Part of me said…not my lauryn. Another part said…good for her! She said she was deranged y’all what you expect!

I wrote this last night:

The north, the north.
Tonight I dined with elaine, one of the great leaders of the world. She is the one who got me to love canada, who has me focused on the impacts of oil. Its no longer abstract, or just a rising cost. Or a burning field. Its everything, I see the impact everywhere I look…I see the moment of peak. I see the need, right now for work and collaboration broader in scope than we had ever before imagined…even imagined a need for in my lifetime. Growing up, you are really unfolding the circumstances of your life to reach a deep core, a powerful core for your life, an answer to why. Not the big why, all of it, just the why of you. What is the addition you bring? I am steps closer but still miles and years away. Seeing the images of that perfect landscape, seeing the documented changes over just a few years – the time to be a player in the game is upon us, the hunt is afoot, its now.

Please keep in mind I was with a true sheroe and had watched syriana and seen her photos of northern lights that looked like a chief and glaciers in the distance. The line between dire and hopeful sleep is pure process.

Now lauryn’s band is playing. Her back up singers look as lost as we in the crowd do. Where is our moody dalai lama of the mic? Her unplugged album gave me an outlet this year, so I won’t get mad.

I was sure she’d be out before I finished but no – is she in town at all?


OH MY GOD she looks so much cooler and more beautiful than I thought possible!!!!!!!!!