lauryn hill’s surprise show pics

the songlist that i was able to take the time to right down included:

Final hour

Just like water

To Zion

Right to fight

How many mics

Ooh la la la (with sitar)

Ready or not (rock style)

Doo wop that thing (rock)
then as my boy karl pulled her off the stage she did an a capella thing that was divine and kind of what we all needed. we only left in fact cause we knew people waiting outside for the second show, starting 2 hrs late or something. divas – thank god for divas.

so details: there was a big and tightly packed band, lauryn looked like the boondocks huey, aged and cast in perfect feminine shadow. she obsessively patted her face with towels which she threw into the crowd at the end of the show. we were smart and went to where we could sit and have a nice view of the whole thing – i’m not a stand down front get crushed kinda girl… 🙂 check out my pictures!


slight bitterness:
– lauryn apparently picked two girls out of the guest list line to sing back up with her. HELLO. ok??
– i missed the last bart home and got my first introduction to why public transportation in the bay kinda sucks. visions of a wackness only comparable to d.c. there’s just no no no excuse to why there isn’t an hourly train running across the bay. its dumb, and it doesn’t matter how many times someone tells me to think of it like a town, its not a town! this a city and it should act right and let the bart run at night and do maintenance around that like every other major city with an underground transportation system!

ok on to other topics.

i grew up in deutschland for 9 years of my childhood and today they eeked a victory over argentina. i went into the game torn, wanting a brazil-argentina final, knowing that argentina isn’t so different from any of the euro teams, having gotten my young ass kicked by little german 6th graders and long ago recognized their soccer superiority vis a vis me…but as the game went on i was falling for argentine, for all that lovely footwork and then that dastardly yellow card. here’s the rub – i am fairly certain that a german player did heil hitler during the game? did anyone else see that?

that ain’t right!

this weekend i am off for a hot tub in tiburon with jenn and shane in town, something like a triple blessing 🙂